Design Wall Monday, January 30, 2023

There are two projects on my Design Wall.  Broken Daisy is above.  I have the melons and the swoosh to sew in next.  This is from a workshop I attended earlier this month.  Getting the baby shower quilt done and in the mail was a priority before I returned to this project.

This is the newest color layout for Chilhowie.  It is hard to see right now, but the four patches need to be changed to a green instead of the purple.  The last change will be the green HSTs to purple.  Making the focus more on the green.  I am still working on the colors.  This project needs to read green.

Since it has to be a California King size quilt; I have been looking how others decided to make it bigger.  I do like this idea.  This is not the quilt I am working on mind you.

I have also been getting the binding done on the two Scattered Leaves projects.  This is the first one with a gold binding and the second one is waiting for me to finish.  I have it half done.  

Never a dull time in my quilting!  Hope your week is a good one.  San Diegans are getting lots of rain these next couple of days...figures I just had my vehicle washed on Saturday =^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, January 29, 2023


I finished the baby shower quilt today.  It was what kept my hands busy while watching the two football games.  Right after dinner it was packaged for the trip to Maryland.  My timing was just great getting it done and ready for mailing first thing Monday morning.  Thanks to Kerry for rushing this project through and doing fabulous quilting.  I know this quilt will be loved...label will be prepared and sent to match up with the quilt once the baby's first name is known.

So this week I have another finish.  I will definitely share the quilt once the surprise is known by all who need to be surprised!

Used this week: 8.25 yards 
Used YTD: 27.25 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yards 
Purchased YTD: 4.75 yards
Net used in 2023: 22.5 yards 

Design Wall Monday, January 23, 2023

Chilhowie is on my Design Wall.  I changed the fabrics from Bonnie Hunter's recommendations hoping for a more prominent emerald green project, but my choices fell short.  It isn't sewn completely together which is fortunate for a second try without too much reverse stitching.

I will be swapping the purple fabrics with the green...well that is my current plan.  More on this project in days ahead.

I thought I measured the binding for this charity quilt right, but as you can see i ended up just a half inch short!  Honestly, I think this is kind of cute.  The photos are of the top and the back of the binding.  (The borders and the back are the same cowboy theme.)  I have lots of binding going on =^.^=

I have to figure out what I want to sew next!  Maybe tackle one of the 2022 UFOs that didn't finish.  Have a great rest of your week.

Sunday Stash Report, January 22, 2023

I am thrilled to have the first completion of 2023 on its way to quilting!  The remaining fabrics needed to finish it were already on hand from earlier arrivals this month and late last year.  The border fabric is what will be used for the backing.  I have been working on this project since May 2022.  It is O Say...Can You Sew! by Primitive Gatherings.  Any ideas welcome for a name for this patriotic beauty that finishes at 83" by 103".

This is the binding fabric.  I will have this prepared and ready to sew when it comes back from quilting.  It will be done in a white thread and some overall design.

This .75 yard piece is new this week.  It is for the binding of the commissioned baby shower quilt.  Kerry received it Friday and will be quilting it in an appropriate design.  May be some custom work.  The binding is already prepared and ready to be stitched in place.  I will share more of what it ended up being when it has been delivered to the owner.

We were invited to a New Years celebration gathering complete with traditional Chinese dinner.  These good fortune envelopes are filled with a dollar bill and were part of the table setting.  Another couple brought an appetizer that had the best cheese.  Our contribution was the dessert that was a very moist yellow cake with vanilla pudding and crushed pineapple.  Then soaked into the baked and poked Bundt cake pineapple liquid, and confectionary sugar.  Each of us rolled out of their home well satisfied and with good fortune for 2023.

Used this week: 19 yards 
Used YTD: 19 yards 
Purchased this week: .75 yards 
Purchased YTD: 4.75 yards
Net used in 2023: 14.25 yards 

Design Wall Monday, January 16, 2023

Today I'm still busy hand stitching the baby quilt.  This is the last letter to stitch before the entire quilt is assembled.  I can see a finish.  Today we had the first ever company holiday celebrating MLK Day.  It was a surprise day off and well needed to accomplish the project.

Saturday I attended a workshop with my Sunshine Quilt Guild.  It was in Lakeside, CA by Cindy Meyers.  We did Broken Daisy placemats.  I accomplished this much in six hours.  The orange that you see above in the top right is the "swoosh" that goes through the middle that makes the "broken" part of the daisy.  It was a hoot to make it in Halloween fabrics.  I have enough for a second placement, but that will be it.  Two is enough...until four are needed when guests are here.  Oh well, the stash only goes so far sometimes!

Sunday Stash Report, January 15, 2023

It is a very rainy day in San Diego.  Kosmo has been sitting at the back door watching a small snail move across the patio.  The rug he's sitting on is a landing pad for Zoomies and is always pushed up the door.  I made this rug and another that matches in the kitchen years ago.  I made the purchase of the weaving frame this time that year at Road to California.  The best rugs!  I need to make another one =^.^=

While it has been raining I have been stitching away in my favorite chair.  I am nearing a completion of the baby quilt which makes me more than excited!  Nothing to show you as it will be a surprise for both the giver and the recipient.  I think both will be as excited or more than me.  I will be shipping it to Kerry for quilting later this week.

Nothing to change my stash numbers week.  Until next time have a great day.

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 0 yards 
Purchased this week: 4 yards 
Purchased YTD: 4 yards 
Net used in 2023: -4 yards

Design Wall Monday, January 9, 2023

I am at that point where I don't want to share any more of this project.  Just know that I am putting all my sewing time into its making.  These are one of the design elements under construction that makes up the setting.  My goal is to have this in the mail to Kerry by early next week.  Monday next week is a holiday for me.  The goal I have set is very possible to be met!

I have my monthly Sunshine Guild meeting tomorrow.  I turn in my spool BOM, pick up the next BOM, pay for my workshop and the pattern for sewing on Saturday, and show two projects that I finished since last Sharing.  It will be a busy night.  I hope to resist any temptation to purchase from the speaker.  She is a certified Judy Niemeyer teacher.  I am going to love her program, goodies she will be offering, and yes indeed...the workshop on Saturday.

Have a great week =^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, January 8, 2023


I did take a photo of my stash addition.  Trust me it is just above my words =^.^=  This is a white on white small star for O Say...Can You Sew!  I have not had time yet to put it on the top as the borders or size it up for the back.  You see I have been busy with the baby quilt.

Of course this is when Kosmo lets me.

He really hunkered down under the throat of my machine.  Letting me know he really wanted some Kosmo time.  I shifted to the right and then to the left...but...

He just wouldn't give up the prime spot and of course he knew it!  So I finish the week with an add and sadly nothing used.  Maybe the numbers will change for next week.

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 0 yards 
Purchased this week: 4 yards 
Purchased YTD: 4 yards 
Net used in 2023: -4 yards

Design Wall Monday, January 2, 2023

These are the three Chilhowie blocks I have made to test out the selection of fabrics for the Quiltville Winter Mystery to be the commissioned wedding quilt.  The emerald green for the commission quilt should be the star of the project.  Not sure so far if this is happening.  First it seemed to be more orange and then more purple.  Emerald sure doesn't seem to stand out right now.  I will keep going and see what becomes of this project.
I picked up more emerald for Chilhowie and the binding for O Say...Can You Sew! last week.

This is the first block of Stars of the Forest.  I am not real excited about the black in the eyes and the inside of the ears.  I have been thinking how to fix this.  These are 15" blocks that you might think would be easy to paper piece, but the larger pieces make it a bit more difficult to hold onto.

Block 2 is the Fox.  I am happy with these fabric choices.

Block 3 is the Deer.  Again I am happy with the fabric choices.

Block 4 is the Rabbit.  Fabrics again working out just right.

Block 5 is the Owl.  Yes even the black nose shows up enough on the gray.
Block 6 is the Raccoon.  I think these fabrics will work out.  I may change the eyes from the same fabric as the raccoon's body.  I have not started on this block yet.

So you can see I am very busy.  The Stars of the Forest project needs to be done soon =^.^=.  I am still deciding on the layout.  First I thought it to be some trees, but the scale would be off.  My current thought is to make wooden blocks with letters that have a specific meaning.  I think this will be my first design to try once the piecing of the animal blocks are complete.  

Now what have you got on your Design Wall?

Sunday Stash Report, January 1, 2023

I hope your New Year is wonderful!  I will start out with a completion although I will not count the used since it is so small and in 2022.  This is the Sunshine BOM coordinated by Pam.  I have already made a spool quilt so I wish the participants good luck in January.  I think this one was picked up to make by lots of the members who attended the December 2022 meeting.  I thought about using the Aurifil Threads spools that are orange, but instead went with a more traditional brown.  I like the purple threads.

I have been stitching up a storm this week on the commissioned baby quilt.  I started off with fabrics I thought might work, but then most of the pieces were too small so away I went to visit Rosie!  I picked up about five yards worth, a little bit for two other projects.  I do not need to count towards my purchased because, YEAH, they were purchased in 2022 and this Stash Report starts off in 2023 =^.^=  I am using Stars of the Forest 15" blocks that are Woodland Animals which the mom to be wanted.  More on this tomorrow...

I did finish the piecing of O Say...Can You Sew!  The backing and outer border fabric is on its way from Hancock of Paducah.  It is a lot of fabric to claim so it will come soon in time for next Stash Report I am pretty sure.

Chilhowie is waiting for the next part release on Friday.  All up to date with the three blocks that I have sewn to see how it might work for another commissioned California King wedding quilt.  Right now it looks like a few changes are going to be necessary.

Saturday these arrived from Kerry.  Thanks Kerry for all your donations of quilting!  All charity quilts that need the next step, binding.  You know how much I love binding.  DH queue up the movies!

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 0 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yards 
Purchased YTD: 0 yards 
Net used in 2023: 0 yards

2022 Year At A Glance, January 1, 2023

Projects in 2022 were 29 with three in the quilting queue.  185 yards of cotton moved under my needle.  Yes still the crazy names that start with "K".  How is Katcher and Krafter for two Halloween themed quilts?



I do like goal setting, but honestly I am doing terrible in keeping up.  2021 UFOs and now 2022 UFOs did not finish.  I do not like to move these to the next year to be considered a new UFO, but really I can not keep adding to the feeling that I will never get all of these done.  It can happen I suppose...maybe I will catch up when I retire in a few years.  Regardless, 2023 UFO Goals are at a tab at the top of my blog home page.

Karryon, 2021 UFO

Koastline, 2022 UFO

Polar Bear Ornament, 2021 UFO

I did not attend Road to California Quilters' Conference and Showcase in Ontario, CA this year.  I was disappointed on the workshop offerings although I know the show quilts were awesome.  I do miss this show and hope to get back to attending.  It is just a short distance away.  Perhaps there is a special project that will be submitted for a chance to show at one of the conferences in the future...anything is possible.

Even though I did not make my UFO goals, a different goal was met.  Bound and determined to use my scrap strips in various sizes happened.  A bunch of donation quilts were made some going to charities not supported by me before.  It felt good to make someone, somewhere, happy with a warm quilt.  I also helped Mom lessen her scraps with numerous projects cut up and made into kits for her to sew and donate to charities around her area.

Broken Courthouse Steps #1, Donation

Wonky Wishes, Donation

Mom's Kit Drawer in September

In March I was invited to attend the first Yuma, AZ retreat.  I put most of my sewing time into making Katching Kluckers.  I needed a Thanksgiving themed quilt; this one perfect.  You will need to see the label sometime.  

Katching Kluckers

In June I was invited to attend one of the best birthday parties ever.  A quilting sister celebrated by throwing a party that was entirely quilting related!  She cut up her stash and had us sewing quilts of our own choice to take with us (or do as we wished).  I may have to borrow her idea for one of my own celebrations.

Hopscotch, Butterscotch #1 from Birthday Party, Donation

The BOM I won in October 2021 finished early in the year that I have called KacklingKarre, also a BOM win in March finished in May.  Apparently I win more than I thought because I also won the BOM in December which will be part of my 2023 UFOs to finish.

Kackling, 2022 UFO


I made more projects that were not on my 2022 UFO List, which is in part why many remain unfinished.  Other than the projects I have already shared above here are the other finishes that took place.  You can see them through the links if you choose or ask if you want to see one that I have not shared a place for you to see it =^.^=

Lonestar Given to Finish/Gift
Kyushu, Winter Mystery

Kosmic Krisp

Roll Over Beethoven, Challenge/Gift

Hearts of Hope, Donation

Milk Cow, Commission

Krush 2
Kaleidoscope Klippings
Hopscotch, Butterscotch #2, Donation
Hopscotch, Butterscotch #3, Donation
Broken Courthouse Steps #2, Donation
Broken Courthouse Steps #3, Donation
Keyhole #1, Donation
Keyhole #2, Donation
Keyhole #3, Donation
Keyhole #4, Donation

Wild Blue Yonder, Donation
Sailboat, Donation
Scattered Leaves #1
Scattered Leaves #2, Donation
Boca Blocks, Donation

Used YTD: 184.5 yards (2021, 209.25 yards)
Purchased YTD: 62.75 yards (2021, 183.25 yards)
Net used in 2022: 121.75 yards (2020, 25.5 yards)

This first day of 2023 has me at Part 6 of Bonnie Hunter's Winter Mystery, Chilhowie, with the suggestion that there is only one more part to go.  I hope to use this project as a commissioned wedding gift.  As you have heard before I can not resist a Bonnie Hunter Mystery!

As always I look forward to your help in naming my projects with the must "K"!  I close this year hoping there are more great finishes in 2023.  Happy New Year!