Design Wall Monday, May 29, 2023

 I felt like doing something patriotic for this Memorial Day weekend.  Kountry was stitched up quick as could be.  This is a Fat Quarter Quilt Shop project from a year or two back.  It has a dark blue to use for the binding and possible the better part of the back.  It finishes at 27" square.  I started the cutting of it at the recent retreat.  Wishing all the families with military men who gave of themselves, served and returned, or are still engaged that provide the freedoms we have as Americans.

Another project that will occupy my hands during television night is prepared for stitching.  The scarecrow block of Autumn Love.  Pieces were prepared, turned, and pressed during my recent visit to my parents.  Except for the hat, right Mom?  I used several tools in my sewing tool box until I found the right one to turn the brim.  I'm chugging along with this project.

Since I must have a project under my sewing machine needle, it is time to start cutting kits.  This is the first of five I plan to work that is called Scary Faces.  It is one from a previous Mystery Limited Edition Spooky Box from Fat Quarter Shop, just like Kountry was from  Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Limited Edition Liberty Box.  I won't be using the background suggested rather one that I have in my stash.

These are blocks I won from the December 2022 BOM coordinated by Tonya Althof.  I'm hoping she may have some of the background left to make two more blocks.  Sadly the light blue one at the top had the seam allowance cut off, making it unusable unless I add a coping to the block, but then I'll be cutting off the tips of the blue squares.  I also need one more to give me the quantity desired for the project I want to make.

This is from Suzanne's Art House once again.  She designs the cutest small projects =^.^=  I have just the perfect green for the "BOO".  You know how much I love Halloween designs.  2023 UFO

I know of a little guy who loves owls.  Well he did at one time; not sure about owls now...  Another Halloween project from the same pattern designer Suzanne's Art House.  The two designs came in the same pattern collection.  2023 UFO

I have all the fabrics for this one that I have been trying to get to for a few years now.  I want to have the quilt for this Halloween and I will be working to that end.  I have had it out several times to cut, but this time it isn't going back to collect dust for another year.  Besides there will be so much fabric left over to use on other projects!  This will be called Kauldron.  2022 UFO

The last of the bunch pulled out to work on in the coming weeks will be the sunflower wall hanging that will be called Kianti.  If you changed it back to a "c" chianti is a type of sunflower.  There are a few variations in color, but this one looks like it will work for the colors in my home.  2023 UFO

As you can see I'll be busy with these.  The cutting takes the time!  Enjoy your Memorial Day.

Sunday Stash Report, May 28, 2023


Let me start with more completions from this week.  Having time to sew and lots of it to dig into my UFOs (and Mom's) makes me happy.  The top one is Hopes & Dreams from Quiltmaker Magazine Jan/Feb 2008.  It is paper pieced, but real simple.  It was introduced as the Project Linus project that year.  I thought Mom would enjoy the challenge, but alas that wasn't to be.  I brought it home with me in April from a visit to my parents home.  The border fabric was one that I had in my stash (go figure, cat fabric in my stash LOL).  There was enough for the back as well.  Not sure what I'll do with the binding fabric...leaning towards yellow.  It was started in earnest at the recent quilt retreat I attended.  There were a few more blocks that it needed to get to the size I wanted.  Done!
This isn't one that has been sitting around, but those cat blocks were gifted at the quilt retreat by Marilyn begged to be made into something!  Marilyn gave me four and thanks to Jean and Pam for gifting me their four.  It comes together well with the browns and leftover teals from the challenge project I submitted last month.  It isn't a big project by any means, a size that works nicely for a few spots in my home.  I also get to use for the back a fabric that has been in my stash for years.

I have also finished the applique work on the block I submitted at the retreat.  It is so cute I almost want to keep it for myself.  The winner of all the bird blocks was Karen and I will be arranging to give it to her sometime this week.

No new fabrics came into my home this week.  I did get a set of templates to make the cutest Story Book Quilt Project(s).  Sadly the company failed to send directions for making the "book" so I emailed their support office hoping to get a quick response and recipe.  We shall see what transpires.  I do have some finishes this week to account for that you will see in my new stash count!  Check back tomorrow for the patriotic inspired project that I have been stitching.

Used this week: 7 yards 
Used YTD: 66.5 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yards 
Purchased YTD: 41.75 yards
Net used in 2023: 24.75 yards

Happy Birthday to my long time friend Sue.  Hope your day is fabulous...

Design Wall Monday, May 22, 2023

This is Krawley complete now with faces.  The purple face is a bit dark, but to the naked eye the face shows up okay.  The project from the American Patchwork & Quilting June 2023 issue called Caterpillar is really cute, quick, and easy to stitch together.  It is the perfect size at 40" by 40".  The backgrounds come from my stash and the caterpillar and pinwheel fabric come from my Mom's stash.  This one will be headed to Kerry very soon.  The while pin dot in the center background is what is used on the back.  The binding will be a fun combination of the caterpillar and pinwheel fabrics.  I will be making another one of these, unless something else tempts me, for another little girl due in June.  Excited to get Krawley into the hands of my coworkers so that he can wrap his daughter Ripley in it.

I am looking forward to a four day weekend with Memorial Day just ahead along with this week's off Friday.  Be happy and safe this long weekend.

Sunday Stash Report, May 21, 2023


I already shared the Sunflower in Pot project with you, but now I'll count the yardage.  This one will be soon shipped to Kerry.  Back is ready and I might just have batting to send as well.  This is a small project without a name :(  Won't you help me figure out something for this lovely blossom?
I will have the fused on antenna, eye, and smile on the first part of the snowball caterpillar on today.  They are all cut and ready to fuse in place.  I'm using the fusing film called Barely There.  The orange, red, purple and turquoise (find them just after the pinwheel in each corner) will have the fused applique in black fabric.  I will share another photo tomorrow.  I'm naming this project, Krawly.

That's it for now.  I am back to finishing the bird retreat block's applique so that I can give it to Karen shortly (she was the winner of all the blocks, ~30).  I'm off to see a movie today with Christine called Book Club: The Next Chapter.  We will meet up with the DHs for an early dinner at their home.  Enjoy your week.

Used this week: 15.75 yards 
Used YTD: 59.5 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yards 
Purchased YTD: 41.75 yards
Net used in 2023: 17.75 yards

Design Wall Monday, May 15, 2023


This was the first project to work on at the retreat.  This stringy block finishes at 6".  It was one made to use up scraps that Mom didn't get around to stitching.  Frankly the idea of paper piecing scared her away.  I got about 20 blocks done before I moved away from it to one of the other four projects I took up with me.  I am thinking 30 blocks should make a nice sized charity quilt.  Check out the cute white triangle.  Good for a child's project.  Heavens know I have lots of scraps that will make this one easy to bring together.  I also have a very cute border fabric to use and maybe enough of it for the back.

Next to work on and finish the top is this cutie for my home.  It will go with the seasonal small quilts that are displayed in the secretary nook by the kitchen.  The back will be he same as the outside border and the binding will be the print used in the stem.

This the third to work on and one that I wanted most to finish.  I haven't selected a back yet and the antennae, eyes nor the cute smirk of a smile is done for the caterpillars that crawl around the pinwheel center.  This will go for a first time coworker dad and his daughter Ripley.  Ripley is about a month old right now.  I guarantee she will have it before she begins to crawl. 

 Last to sew was the Sunshine May BOM coordinated by Marilyn.  She kitted all the fabrics except the comb that I grabbed from Sherri's scrap container.  Funny that I'll be cutting out another chicken block for my Mom's guild May BOM too.

I didn't have time to sew more projects, but I did cut this kit that has been in my stash for about a year.  All fabrics except the back included.  In the end only one project didn't get touched another Halloween project.  It too won't collect dust for too long!

Had a wonderful time and looking ahead to the next retreat in May 2024 with this fun group of like minded souls!

Sunday Stash Report, May 14, 2023

Let me start with Kalliope, my Sunshine Annual Challenge project.  I was luck enough to win one of the five categories.  My project came in first with the most membership votes for Most Contemporary or Unusual Technique.  The challenge was to use only fabric colors from a paint strip that we were all provided (the teals), black/white/gray (since these are shades not colors), and one other color (which I did not use).  Look close you will notice that all the black and white fabrics have a music theme along with the quilting.  (The back is pretty awesome too!)

This is a close up of one of the wheels.  Oh and can you spot the kitties?  Nice Charm Roll for my win in the category.

As for stash.  Hobby Lobby provided me with a few adds.  I happened to shop with them on Thursday before the retreat when they had their biweekly 40% off all their fabrics sale.  Love it when I time it just so!  One can always stock up on backgrounds...right?  This purchase totaled 15.75 yards.

Then came the retreat!  This is the 2023 group.  Many same faces and several more new.  I sat next to Jean and Christy with Pam and Gina just after them.  We have lots of room to spread out that is really nice.  We had a blast each and every minute with different group activities including door prizes after each meal (thank you to those who supplied the goodies), a 10 inch "circle or dot" exchange and the theme block winner take all, plus a Left Right Center with FQs as for the betting.  I was real happy with the "circle or dot" exchange, the door prize I won, and the reveal of my theme block that I didn't win.  I have a little more to do on it before Karen the winner finally has it in her hands.  So have I missed anything except for sharing photos of all of the fun things?
Door Prize

10" Circle and Dot Exchange

Theme Block "Birds"

You can see where the Theme Block didn't get quite finished.  There are still blossoms and leaves to applique in place, but Karen will be okay (anxious nonetheless) getting the finished Theme Block inside the next week or two.

During the retreat two local quilt shops offered discounts to us.  Between Stitches was a first time for me to visit and to shop in and the discount was great.  I purchased a Layer Cake called Hush 2 by Riley Blake Designs.  This purchase totaled 1.5 yards.  

Sew Treasured is a well loved shop that I'd frequent often if it were closer to home.  I picked up what I set out to get in the beginning; background for one of the projects I brought with me to the retreat.  It just happened they had just gotten in the perfect backing for the project; it hadn't even been put into their inventory.  Then I "just must have" (Pam pushed me, not hard though LOL) to add it to my shopping cart!  I haven't counted the fabric from the kit yet, but when I do I'll be sure to add it to my stash numbers.  This purchase total for now amounts to 5.5 yards.  

Then if that weren't enough a traveling quilt shop set up by another quilting group let our group shop after they had first dibs.  Our group was much larger so the traveling quilt shop truly made out!  I picked up a few things with them as well.  I couldn't resist fabrics to make Hometown Halloween by Kimberbell.  It lacks the panel that I think is part of the Emblishment Kit.  I have a message out to an ETSY seller to see if what I think is true; if so I'll be purchasing it.  Finally, a just love it purchase!  Guessing around 4 yards total.

Well I've held your attention for far too long with this post so tomorrow I will bring you photos of all the things I worked on at the retreat.  Some ready to ship to Kerry for her magic and others still to finish.  I hope to see you tomorrow!

Stash CHANGES!  Still in the black, but next week I will be counting the used from the retreat!

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 43.75 yards 
Purchased this week: 11 yards 
Purchased YTD: 41.75 yards
Net used in 2023: 2 yards

Design Wall Monday, May 8, 2023


I'm getting ready for the retreat that starts on Thursday.  Retreaters have an opportunity to make the BOM themed after the retreat.  This year it is a bird.  Mine is a surprise so this is as much as you'll be seeing until next Sunday once all the blocks have been revealed and a winner chosen to get them all.

I have been busy putting five different project together as Kassy oversees my progress.  There is a fifth one not pictured that I brought home from Mom's UFOs as well.  Anxious to meet up with the girls this weekend for sure!

Nothing changes my stash this time.  Although I'm hoping for some changes next week after a full three days of sewing.

Tomorrow night is Sunshine's monthly meeting where we will turn in all the charity projects AND the reveal of our annual challenge.  I will be able to finally share my challenge project with you.

Until next time.  Happy sewing!

Sunday Stash Report, May 7, 2023

Now I can share a thing or two that I've been quiet about.  This pattern came out in the June 2023 APQ Magazine.  I knew Kerry would enjoy this tiny project for her birthday gift this year.  So with that in mind, I contacted Midway Wool Company located in Utah to see if they would kit it for me.  They sent me several photos of wool they could use.  I chose which ones and a kit was made and arranged to ship to Arizona.

I like what they were doing so much that a second kit was made for me.  I am certain Kerry will get it finished before me!  She loved it when it arrived and I shared what the kit was made for.  If you ever need wool think to enlist the help from Midway Wool Company.

Nothing more from me for now.  I have been working my tail feathers trying to catch up at work and get ready for the retreat next weekend.

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 43.75 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yards 
Purchased YTD: 30.75 yards
Net used in 2023: 13 yards

Design Wall Monday, May 1, 2023


Today Karen and I (mostly Karen) tried to accomplish a real cute gift for the gals at the quilting retreat that is on my schedule in May.  We were on the purchase hunt up until nearly the time to meet up with Austin.  We ran into a few bumps along the way so this cute gift will be for next year instead. ( There will be more on the retreat as that time draws closer.)  Do you wonder why the cricket?  Well she has a cricket machine that was doing the job, but not really...hence the bumps!
A chance to catch up with Austin at the restaurant he manages and a growling tummy came next in the day.  It was a great meal at Good Eats Emporium.  At the table dining was Karen, Scott, and me.  Austin sat with us for a while, but he is the manager and that's what needed to be done.  I'm so happy for him that he's found something he likes doing and it looks like the workers respect him in his position.  That is always a good thing.

Tomorrow is the flight back to home.  Anxious to have a project to work on during the 4 1/2 hours it will take to get there.  Tim will pick me up at the curb and there will be two waiting for me at home.  I'm sure to have two shadows for the next few days.