Design Wall Monday, October 31, 2022


On my Design Wall is another charity quilt project using the Keyhole design.  I purchased the teal color and continued using the black/white prints.  This time I only used red/yellow/brown squares in the "keyhole".  I did rotate them between the two blocks.  Not sure I mentioned about the cowboy theme flannel, but it was on the free table at a guild meeting.  I snagged it!  It was used for two projects.  I plan on using a beige binding just as you will see on the first project.

To get there my progress so far these are the steps.

I am very pleased how this Keyhole project is turning out.  Teal is a favorite color of mine =^.^=

Enjoy your week ahead.  I have a busy weekend planned; how about you?

Sunday Stash Report, October 30, 2022


I decided to go back to my original plan with the Scattered Leaves project.  Four blocks across and five down.  This does make a good size once borders are put on.  Since I had made an additional five blocks and I have enough log strips to make more...

I made 15 more blocks to make a second Scattered Leaves project.  I need to put the rows together on both and hopefully find something I can use for borders on both in my stash.

I took on to kits to help make Sunshine Quilt Guilds 2023 - 2024 Opportunity Quilt.  I needed to get them going since they need to be turned in next Tuesday.  This is the first of four pieced blocks.

Here is the block that is Month 5 all together.  Next up is its finish and one border block.  I still have some ironing to do.

I have made the entire project twice if you can believe it.  The first was for me and the second was commissioned for a long ago client of Kerry's.  The quilt makes up spectular.

Nothing to claim as used or purchased this week.  There will be a finish next Sunday =^.^=  Enjoy your week and be safe if you are out on Halloween!

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 165.25 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yards 
Purchased YTD: 53 yards 
Net used in 2022: 112.25 yards

Design Wall Monday, October 24, 2022


I loved this pattern cut out for my Mom from her scraps so much that I had to do the same with my scraps.  It is called Scattered Leaves by Pam Buda.  I set out to make this a smaller version than Pam's design.  

I went for 20 blocks, but there was enough cut that an additional five blocks were made.  I added in two teal leaves to give a bit of spark.  I may make another five to make it a rectangle rather than a square.  As you can see this one uses a lot of fabric too!  I will ponder before assembly whether another five blocks will be added.  there is still a border to find in my stash.  I suppose I could finish it off without a border???

Next up is sewing Autumn Love's fourth installment.  Hope you have a wonderful week!

Sunday Stash Report, October 23, 2033

Are you keeping your porch light on this year?  I'm still a bit reluctant, sadly.  I so enjoy the trick or treaters.  I remember growing up running around the neighborhood all dressed up with my bag of treats.  Days are not what they once were.  Now there is so much to consider =^.^=

This weekend was like a retreat for me.  DH knew I missed my sewing room; I warned him that there was lots to machine sew.  He was a bachelor most of the time from Friday after working hours through much of today.  This was one of the projects I wanted to finish.  Ithink it turned out really cute.  It is an adaptation of the Keyhole design that comes from Tonya (the Charity Coordinator with Sunshine Quilt Guild).  Mine uses solids versus prints squares and black/white prints interspersed with solid blacks for the framing.  I picked up the flannel Western theme from the freebie table at Sunshine monthly meeting a while back.  It was used for the border and will also be the back.  I'll be making another one of these.  Not sure what the second one will be framed with but the Western theme flannel and the solid squares will continue.
I also made the kit Tonya assembled called Wild Blue Yonder.  It turned out real nice too.  I made a template for the body part so it can be made again.  There were no measurements for the body pieces included since everything was cut.  Made for a fast make.  I know how nice Kerry quilts and even though I want these done for the handoff to Becky's House in November there is so much temptation to send them to her; even if she can't get them done and back to me for binding.  I still need to decide on a back for Wild Blue Yonder.
Certainly the third Broken Courthouse Steps ready with backing will be in the mail to Kerry this week.  I have really been able to clear out a bunch of stash strips with this design.  I think there will be more to make in the future.

So it has been a good week using up stash with a roll in my stats!  

Used this week: 11.5 yards 
Used YTD: 165.25 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yards 
Purchased YTD: 53 yards 
Net used in 2022: 112.25 yards

Design Wall Monday, October 17, 2022


It is really starting to feel like Fall until according to the weather channels Tuesday comes.  Wow!  The thermostats should be turning in the opposite direction =^.^=  The leaves won't know what to do...

I haven't spent much time in my sewing room since having guests this past weekend.  Don and Rita left this morning.  I am working remotely today, but Tim is being the proper host while I work.

This is part of what I was working on over the weekend.  Using 2" strips to make another Keyhole project for YMCA Becky's House Charity.  The all too cute western theme flannel will be used for both the border and back.  I will be using all the black and white check strips that were scraps along with digging a bit into my yardage.  The solid squares as you might guess are PLENTIFUL.  I did skinny the units down from the 2 1/2" size in the pattern since most of the black and white fabric was at 2".  I may have to make more than the 25 blocks to come up with a good size top that won't be dominated by a chunky border.  More on this project when I can get back into my sewing room.

I must get out of the "charity projects" and back to "my projects".  Seems like each project I levitate to recently is going to be donated.  Well in the end I suppose that is a good thing.  Enjoy your week and if the weather is right, stay cool in San Diego!

Sunday Stash Report, October 16, 2022


I finally finished the binding on Wonky Wishes.  This is one big quilt!  It did use up lots of 2 1/2" strips, but it also took a lot of time.  The melon colored sashing was to be a neutral string sashing.  I didn't choose that route since it would take so much time that I didn't want to put into the project.  It has a red backing that is the same as the binding.

This is Sunshine Quilt Guild's October BOM.  Look familiar?  Cecilia supplied all the fabrics for the blocks.  I just put together Trick or Treats design by Dianne Harris from a win at Quilters by the Bay when I visited my parents.  Yes, I suppose I want to win these too!

Nothing changes my stats again this week.  Tim's brother and sister-in-law have been visiting so not much machine sewing...although there is lots to do.  I have also been enjoying the nail bitting baseball game that Padres have been playing.  More cutting is all I can claim.  Have a terrific week =^.^=

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 153.75 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yards 
Purchased YTD: 53 yards 
Net used in 2022: 100.75 yards

Design Wall Monday, October 10, 2022


This is what is on my Design Wall today.  The third Broken Courthouse Steps.  With that said I want it finished and on its way to be quilted along with my Trick or Treat project.  

I want my Design Wall to be covered with O Say...Can You Sew!.  These are the two blocks that come together with sashing to finish the project.  Anxious to get this one done too.  I will be selecting something for a back from Missouri Star Quilts compliments of Kerry as a birthday gift for it.  
And then there is Autumn Love...  I have yet to sew together the words "AUTUMN" or any of the four Harvest Star blocks.  These are all cut and just waiting.

There are so many projects on my sewing table wanting there time under the needle!  Busy with binding and watching all the sports on TV has hampered machine sewing.  This week is my Off Friday...I do want to spend time with my Pfaff.  Don't you want to see progress?  I sure do!!!

Tomorrow is Sunshine Quilt Guild monthly meeting.  I wonder what will come home with me from there to add to my projects waiting time under the needle =^.^=

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Sunday Stash Report, October 9, 2022


Added to my stash this week is 1 1/2 yards of the teal above for binding two Broken Courthouse Steps charity quilts that arrived early in the week.  

I also received the one Wonky Wishes charity quilt later in the week.  This is the pattern that I found to be too much work to make more than one (middle).  It came out nice with the red thread for the quilting.  I'll be using the backing for the binding.  If you have time check out what's going on at Kerry's sewing room on her blog Kerry's Quilting.  She's always usually one step ahead of me in the projects we both decide to make.  

I am finally finished cutting out a kit for my Mom called Scattered Leaves.  This project has more cutting than you can imagine, but it has emptied much more of both her and my stash...  A wonderful thing =^.^=  I cut out enough for the same project for me.  I can use another stash reducer and another Fall project not Halloween.  There will be a post coming soon to my Mom's blog Sew What Else?

Changes this week in my stash stats.  Sure wish I could have found something to use for the binding of the two Broken Courthouse Steps charity projects, but it is always fun to shop.

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 153.75 yards 
Purchased this week: 1.5 yards 
Purchased YTD: 53 yards 
Net used in 2022: 100.75 yards

Design Wall Monday, October 3, 2022


Broken Courthouse Steps #3 is on my Design Wall today.  I need to sew the blocks and rows together yet.

I picked up this fabric for the binding of Broken Courthouse Steps #1 and #2.  Tonight I will be cutting enough for both of them.  The tops are so busy I tend to match the binding with the back.  Matching the back was not possible from my stash darn!  I found the fabric matched the darkest color.  This wasn't such an easy task.

Clue 7 of O Say...Can You Sew! came out today.  It is the finishing clue.  I am going to have to really hunt for enough variety in the neutrals.  Wish me luck =^.^=

Lastly, the Fabric Glue needed to move forward on two Christmas Ornaments part of my 2021 UFOs.  It will be nice to have these done in time for this holiday season.

Off to get some more cutting in before bed time.  First, I plan to open up the latest box from Kerry.  Pleasant dreams =^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, October 2, 2022


This week all that was accomplished was cutting.  Lori Holt's Autumn Love Month 4 has kept me busy.  Above are the Harvest Star blocks.  There are four in the project.

These are the Autumn block units; also part of Month 4 along with the 28 Star blocks already sewn make up Month 4.  I will get to these this week sometime.  Anxious to move on to Month 5.

I did finish the very cute Keyhole quilt that goes to Sunshine Quilt Guild's charity in October.  I have plans for at least two more.

Nothing changes my stash stats this week.

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 153.75 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yards 
Purchased YTD: 51.5 yards 
Net used in 2022: 102.25 yards