Design Wall Monday, April 27, 2015

 Nothing to share on my wall today.  Sunday I worked with DH to repair window screens, along with the routine weekly laundry.  We tried a new veggie dish made with raw shredded beets, avocado, scallions, radishes, nori, and roasted pumpkin seeds.  Good, but not great...always willing to try something at least once.  We try to have at least a couple of veggie meals a week.

I did manage to put the binding and sleeve down on Kooter Klan pictured above.  This is such a cute project by Karen Brow of Java House Quilts.  Just below is Krazy Kookoos 2.  The birds are what's left of the main project that hasn't yet been quilted.  I will be hand sewing down the larger of the rick rack that is the stems of the flowers.  The yellow is about half done.  Then I'm thinking a matching blue for the binding.  What do you think about that?
Krazy Koons 2 is ready for binding and sleeve to go down too.  This block is an extra left from Krazy Koons the main project (shown below) and the flower was made for it especially.  
For Krazy Koons I'm considering the fabric on the right for the binding.  It has so many colors in the top that I believe about anything would go well.  Black is also a possibility.  I will need to look at this a few times to decide which suits it best.  The three "Krazy" quits are all Buggy Barn designs, Bird Brain and Crazy as a Bird Dog.
Finally I finished up my Klue project for Sunshine Quilt Guild's Clue Mystery.  It isn't due until the June meeting, but I was very inspired to finish it.  Of course I can't share it until after the competition!  As you can see I have my share of hand sewing to keep most of my lunchtimes and evenings full.  See other projects today through the links at Patchwork Times.  Hope your week is full of fun things.  

Sunday Stash Report, April 26, 2015

I added this week, but the yardage won't be around for too long!  Paradise Sewing in Poway had a wonderful sale that I took advantage of on backings for both Kamikaze and Komatose.  These two projects are on my 2015 UFO List.
If you have been visiting here lately then you are aware that I've been working on the units for Kamikaze.  This is a Bonnie Hunter design called Midnight Flight that was first brought to us through Quiltmaker Magazine as a block and then in Bonnie's latest book as a project.   
Knowing how big a project this is...a start is a good thing.  The first two rows of units are the Blade 1 and Blade 2 units.  These were made by various quilters in a swap that I coordinated a few months back.  Next the black/neutral HSTs and then the constant red/neutral and constant orange/neutral 4-patches.  Can you see all the units in the block and a half above? 
The next two units are part of the border along with the four corner stones on the wall with the block and  half.  I have them finished now, but when these photos were taken a few were still in the "making".  The same orange used in the 4-patches will be the binding.   
All units are done now.  I am considering moving on to another UFO on the list that has lots of units...there are several of them.  Komatose that is Bonnie Hunter's Lazy Sunday design will more than likely be next.  I have already started separating the teals, pinks, oranges, and greens along with the white on white neutrals that will be used in this project.

Today I plan on quilting of Klue (Sunshine Quilt Guild's Clue Mystery), preparing binding, and sewing down the rick rack flower stems of Krazy Kookoos 2.  Kerry of Kerry's Quilting has given me four quilts ready for the next step in their road to a finish.  I hope you have time to check back tomorrow to see Kooter Klan, Krazy Koons, Krazy Koons 2, and Krazy Kookoos 2!

Enjoy your Sunday and see others using up their stash through the links at Patchwork Times.

Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 116 yards
Purchased this week:  15 yards
Purchased YTD: 64.25 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2015:  51.75 yards

Design Wall Monday, April 20, 2015

I was so anxious to see how all these units were going to come together.  I took a break on making the 4-patches to assemble a few black / neutral HSTs.  Oh my, I'm liking what I see!

I have nearly 150 4-patches sewn in both color ways with 218 in both the goal.  I have more in work...

All the Blade Units are finished thanks to a swap I coordinated last year.  Got to love a swap!

What do you think about my Kamikaze project right now?  Hope you have a fun project going on too.  See more from other quilters around the globe at Patchwork Times.

Sunday Stash Report, April 19, 2015

Today continues with me sewing on my Kamikaze project.  This one is by Bonnie Hunter called Midnight Flight.  I'm working on the 4-patches you can see in the top left of the "At A Glance" section in her book.  Love this section by the way!  
You may recall seeing these two fabrics last week when I added them to my stash...  Time to get them in to use.  Along with the neutrals that have all come from my stash.  1 1/2" squares are what's needed.  I had 552 of the 864 neutrals already cut and ready to assemble.  Below are more that are in longer strips.  I'll cut them to what will finish at 1 1/2" increments and sew them after all the 552 have been used.  Below are two piles I'll use one 3" and the other 4 1/2".
Here is the first group ready to be cut.  Half with red strips and the other with orange.  These two colors sound odd together but the overall result works well with purple, blue, and black.
Started assembling the orange first.  By nights end on Saturday I have 147 orange 4-patches and 26 red 4-patches.  I need 218 of each color combination.  Guess what I'll be doing today while the washer and dryer are going?
No changes to my stash stats this week...but you can see I'm working on that!  Enjoy your Sunday and see others using up their stash through the links at Patchwork Times.

Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 116 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD: 49.25 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2015:  66.25 yards

Design Wall Monday, April 13, 2015

 I have a quilt back from Kerry's Quilting!  Always excited to get one.  Wanted to share the quilting because this is one of the reasons it has taken so long to quilt.  We were searching for a zinnia design to match the border fabric.  One finally came along recently and Konfidential went almost immediately on the quilting frame.  The thread is called Rainy Days and looks awesome on both the front and the back.  Below I'm about to trim it up.  I have the binding prepared, sleeve and label ready.  Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow while watching Dancing With The Stars?  Konfidential was a Lakeside Mystery Workshop at Road to California Quilt Show I did with Karen Sievert and her design Expect The Unexpected.
 Most of my sewing over the weekend was on the Clue Challenge for Sunshine Quilters that is due in June.  Won't be sharing anything until after the reveal, but these two publications include part of my design...  
Do you have sewing plans this week?  If you do I hope you find time to make them happen.  See other fine projects through the links at Patchwork Times.  Enjoy your week!

Sunday Stash Report, April 12, 2015

Kamikaze Fabrics
2015 UFO
 A trip to Rosie's on Friday had me bringing home two pieces for Kamikaze.  The fabrics will be used for the 4-patches that run across the quilt in two directions.  Each red will have a neutral, likewise with the orange.  This project is Bonnie Hunter's Midnight Flight design.  It happens to be on my 2015 UFO list; a number to be called yet.  I figure as big and involved as it is I best get further along.  If you find this project familiar it's because I coordinated a unit swap of the blue/neutral and purple/neutral blade units that are for it.  During the week I pulled scraps and readied the neutral 1 1/2" strips that will be used in the 4-patches.  The last unit to complete the center are HSTs of black/neutral.  As always there are a gazillion units...=^.^-=  I'll share more on this project soon.

These five 1/2 yard pieces came from Sew Batik.  Always need neutrals and what better fabric than a batik?

April 2015 UFO
I do have a couple of completions to account for (which helps offset the purchases).  Kurosity is done and so is Kwill.  I added them to my quilting queue at Kerry's Quilting yesterday.  I have a feathery pattern for Kurosity in a variegated black/purple thread.  The back for it is a small scale gray print.  Batik is going to get a feathery pattern as well.  It will be a custom quilting project using several quilting elements that are similar for the blocks, setting triangles, corners and the two borders.  I ran with the suggestion for a tan thread.  The tan will match the color of the setting triangles.
So for this week, a good one I might add, I have changes to both the stats.  Hope you were able to both too!

Used this week: 25 yards
Used YTD: 116 yards
Purchased this week:  6.25 yards
Purchased YTD: 49.25 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2015:  66.25 yards

See how others are using their stash through the links at

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

59"x 59"
I have Kwill done!  I'm excited about how it has turned out.  

Now my attention is turned once again to finishing up Kurosity which is my April UFO.  All blocks are sewn.  Time next for pressing and row assembly.  A black border is planned.  Its looking like two finishes on Sunday's Stash Report.

Hope you have time to sew this week.

Design Wall Monday, April 6, 2015

I have two projects on my Design Wall.  Above is my April UFO project.  I have the rest of the pieces cut out and plan to finish up the sewing early this week.  This is Barbara Brackman's Checkered Past design.  I've made the squares 2" rather than 2 1/2" to make the finished size a bit smaller than the 65" x 65" finish of her design.  It will get a black border and binding with a gray back.  It is going so fast that it may be done this weekend.

Kwill is turning out nice too.  I did have to adjust the called for size of the four brown batik squares to make it work.  I have to put the last border in place and this project by Donna Lynn Thomas called Batik Feathers will be done.

I have to have time during this month to dream up my Sunshine Quilt Guild Clue Challenge since it is due in May.  I have a "murderer", a "room", and a "weapon"!  Chatted a bit with my sister about ideas and I have a start in mind...  Won't be able to share much until after the competition!

I hope your Easter was what you wanted it to be.  It was a beautiful cool and breezy day in San Diego.  DH cooked a pork roast on the barbecue while I roasted fingerling potatoes, steamed fresh green beans, and sliced up some strawberries for dessert.  If you find time today see other quilters playing in their sewing rooms through the links at

Sunday Stash Report, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

# 9 UFO - April
I started in on my April UFO on Saturday after sorting through fabrics to find the right scraps for the color and theme I have in mind.  A bunch of progress has been made since then, but you'll have to come back tomorrow to see progress!

I finished completely Kompass (Norah McMeeking's Sewing in the Round with Caryl Bryer Fallert's Flying Geese in a Quarter Circle) and I'm on the final assembly of Kwill.  I just became too involved with Kurosity to do more than cut the fabrics for the setting triangles and borders on Kwill.  Tomorrow I hope to have more to show.

Used this week: 5.25 yards
Used YTD: 91 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD: 43 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2015:  48 yards

See how others are using their stash through the links at

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Checkered Past
Did you have a chance today to see the UFO Parade of Finishes on Aunt Marti's  If you haven't it is a must see.  I have three quilts in the Parade, two Bonnie Hunter and one Judy Niemeyer. Kabuki which is the third one you will see is my finish for March.  

You must be wondering by now why I have included the photo at the top of my post.  It is project #9 that Aunt Marti has chosen for the April UFO.  I don't have a start on any of this other than having the pattern in hand and my skinny stash of reproduction fabrics.  Of course there might be a chance to raid Kerry's reproduction stash =^.^=

So for now here is what I can tell you about my project that will be called Kurosity.  It is a pattern by Barbara Brackman called Checkered Past.  My friend Debra alerted me to this design which I downloaded FREE from the web.  More on my project during the month... for now I'm thinking of using the leftovers from Konqueror a project that I finished last year about this time.  The purples weren't as apparent in Konqueror, but I'm sure Kurosity will give them the attention they deserve.

Happy Hump Day!