Design Wall Monday, February 26, 2024

Six blocks finished and half way there.  Pam had an orphan block from her project and I will be using it in mine (top right).  Most of the remaining blocks will be in browns, but another color just might pop in.

I have a bunch of units ready to assemble.  You can see a variety of colors that I am working with.

Looks like a yellow leaf is coming together.  =^.^=  Enjoy these last few days of February.

Sunday Stash Report, February 25, 2024

In full swing this week with October Morning.  Another UFO for 2024.  Pam was so generous to offer her stash in the mostly Kim Diehl fabric line.  I wonder if Pam would consider selling me her stash of backgrounds...  Once I have finished the project back to her goes her great fabrics.

I am using the bits and pieces tucked in among the larger chunks of similar fabrics.  I don't have a name figured out for this project yet.  Appreciate any suggestions you might have.  This one won't be very large.  It will have 12 blocks that are half the size in the original design.

So for this week I am counting the Storybooks Quilts that finished.  Hope to get more in the used category and less in the purchased category.  It always works out that you have to purchase in order to use.

Used this week: 12.25 yards 

Used YTD: 17.75 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yard
Purchased YTD: 36 yards
Net used in 2024: -18.25 yards

Design Wall Monday, February 19, 2024


Here's the finish of the two Story Books Quilt project.  Excited to have these done.  I'm thinking about using a darker teal for the binding...we shall see what happens.  I've got enough of the backing and probably could piece what's left of the background.  Like I said, we shall see what happens =^.^=  I'll have these off towards Arizona tomorrow.  Looking for a "library" or "fantasy" sort of quilting design.

Next up Kolonization!  Hope you enjoy your week.

Sunday Stash Report, February 18, 2024


I have finished duck #10.  On to ducks #11 and #12...but first there is a project that needs binding!  I can't share quite yet.

I did settle on a setting for my Story Books Quilt project.  I also picked up another 1/2 yard of the background so that the two of them could be finished.  I lacked three 2 1/2 inch strips.  I also picked up backing in a pale teal flannel.  I will be getting these two done, one of which is a 2024 UFO, later today.  Next up will be Kolonization sewing and October Morning cutting.

I will wait until next week to claim yardage on the two Story Books Quilt projects.  So for this week nothing used and just a little bit purchased.  

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 5.5 yards 
Purchased this week: 4 yard
Purchased YTD: 36 yards
Net used in 2024: -30.5 yards

Design Wall Monday, February 12, 2024


This is a UFO, Story Books Quilt, that I have been working on this past week.  The purchase I made on Saturday of more background fabric (top right) will allow me to finish five more "books".  I have four ready to assemble (bottom left) and one more (top left) to find "book" fabric.  These five books will finish a second Story Books Quilt project.  That is as far as the books go.

Now I am starting to play around with how to put these books together.  I had fabric enough left over from Korbett that has potential.  I felt the sashing might be to wide.

I cut it down an inch stood back and decided the sashing was too bold for the project.

Instead I decided the books should float.  I may or may not use the solid teal for an outer border.  If not an outer border definitely the binding.

When the last five block are assembled I may change them around to spread out the colors of the books between the two projects.  Perhaps I will know what to look for in my stash with the last book fabric decision.  Stay tuned...this project that turned into two is on its way to a finish =^.^=  Oh, any ideas for project names?  Enjoy your Valentine's Day.

Sunday Stash Report, February 11, 2024


Storybook Quilt project is back in work.  This was the project that came with templates and a not so complete set of instructions.  I was very disappointed when it arrived; made numerous attempts to get the recipe without any satisfaction.  Well I ended up making a paper pieced pattern from the few pictures that were available.  The tricky part is the pages of the book.  It is a bit tough to see them, look close =^.^=

I have 13 made now and four others cut into units.  Then there there will be one more to find back, spine, and cover fabrics.  These blocks are finishing 11 by 12.  May decide to cut the top down an inch making them square.  From my Korbett project there is enough for sashing for one of the two quilts the 18 blocks will make.

Had to purchase another half yard of the background to finish the remaining blocks.  I was pretty excited to find more of it!  The other thrill is that there will be just enough of the pages fabric to make all the books.

Tuesday is Sunshine Quilt Guild monthly meeting and I am excited to check off more UFOs done in the 2023-2024 Challenge.  I am pretty close to having two more to check off...perhaps next month!

So for this week nothing used and just a little bit purchased.  

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 5.5 yards 
Purchased this week: .5 yard
Purchased YTD: 32 yards
Net used in 2024: -25.5 yards

Design Wall Monday, February 5, 2024

It occurred to me that I never shared the finish of Kasper or Kooky.  Both of these are UFOs for current year.  Kasper is from the 2022 Spooky Box and Kooky from the 2023 Spooky Box.  These are the mystery boxes that come from Fat Quarter Shop.

On Saturday the Sunbonnet Babies cross-stitch project came back from Kerry and OMG did it ever come out cute.  I am in the process of binding it now and will share with you very soon.  I did decide on a name for it called Korbett in honor of the maker of the Sunbonnet Sue design so many years ago.  More on Korbett when the binding is complete.

Take care my friends and enjoy the month of February =^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, February 4, 2024


I finished one project, the March/April Sunshine Seasonal Donation.  It is on its way to Arizona for quilting.  I will get it back and add the binding with a label as well.  Oh, everyone should love it.  In the meantime several other UFOs are on a path for the sewing machine.  This is one of them, October Morning.  My friend Pam, was so wonderful to me for letting me use her stash to make this project.  These types of fabrics aren't ones that are in my stash...yet!  This project, since Pam did it, will be made smaller by half.

I have cut down the scraps into useable units for the brown and starting on the gold now.

Next up are the teals that I love so much.  It is a favorite color from most quilters and frankly hard to keep in your stash as they seem to find away into most projects.  The rust colors are next and then the backgrounds.

I have used this week.  No purchases =^.^=

Used this week: 5.5 yards 
Used YTD: 5.5 yards 
Purchased this week: 4 yard
Purchased YTD: 31.5 yards
Net used in 2024: -26 yards