Design Wall Monday, January 30, 2018

Just finished sewing to the mother lode (as Bonnie Hunter would say) four more rows.  The rows are getting smaller and so that infamous last corner getting closer!

Enjoy more photos of Kutarug as I prepare more hour glass units...

Waiting for trimming up

Trimmed up

Waiting for row assembly
Top portion

Bottom portion

Sunday Stash Report, January 28, 2018

This weekend was set aside for the CFA Food & Water Bowl XXVI at the Del Mar Fair Grounds.  Kosmo and Kassy's first cat show.  They were both entered in the Kitten Category which is for kittens 4-7 months old.  For most of the kittens in this category their first show.  There were six abyssinians entered; four rudy colored, two of each sex along with two fawns both female.  The two rudys not mine were seasoned pros, the female especially.  Astech's Tesuque after this show placed 5th Best Cat Nationally.  Here is what the San Diego Union Tribune wrote about the show.

Abyko's Dar Chos #33, Weslyn Kwiltnkats Kosmo #34, Weslyn Kwiltnkats Katastrophy #35 and Astech's Tesuque #36 made up the rudy abyssinians entered in the Kitten Category.
Kosmo's Ribbons
Kassy's Ribbons
Kosmo and Katastrophy made their Mom happy!  Enjoy some of the pictures from the show.

The Southern California Abyssinian Rescue had a both there too in hopes of adoptions.  I am not sure, but I think at least one found a new home.
This last one sums up the weekend long show!  Thanks to my friend Kathy for helping me through the weekend and taking the show photos.  Kathy has asked to be Kosmo's God Mother =^.^=
No stash movement this week again.  Soon something is going to change.

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Purchased YTD:  14.25 yards
Net used in 2018:  -14.25 yards

Design Wall Monday, January 22, 2018

The two new projects from workshops at Road to California grace my design wall momentarily.  Kutarug remains all encompassing until its finish.  The blocks are the first two of several to make Magic Mariner's Compass by Janna Thomas (the Bloc-Loc Queen).  These blocks use the KIS and TIS rulers.  (Kite in a Square and Triangle in a Square.)  Kerry and I both used the 3" size for our projects.  I am using all scraps so as many blocks as can be made with the background is the plan.  The background is left over from my sister's quilt's backing that was made for her last year, Kloggs.  This workshop was on Wednesday.
Antique Rose Star was the Thursday workshop with Barbara Black.  Yardage requirements didn't suggest Charm Packs, but that is exactly what I did.  It worked out fairly well.  The class was for a 3" Marti Michell kite template OR you could make it with a 2" template...guess what Kerry and I used...
We used Barbara's template then scoured all the vendors trying to locate our own during our lunch break.  Can you believe out of the 225 vendors we couldn't find one?  The only downside to using Charm Packs is that you are limited in identical fabrics, but the upside is that the fabrics are similar which gives lots of movement.  Having two of the same Charm Packs works best.  I added in the plaids to move them from my stash!  Won't be able to continue this project until a template is in my sewing room, no worries though I have Kutarug to finish!  Not certain how large my project will end up, but the technique was fun and the making not difficult.
These two were a nice diversion to Kutarug!  Hope that you enjoy your week ahead.  I have a Cat Show to ready Kosmo and Katastrophy for a win!  Wish them a good adventure and ribbons galore!

Sunday Stash Report, January 21, 2018

My wallet wasn't emptied on fabric this year at Road to California Quilt Show.  Space was made available in Kerry's trunk to bring a new sewing machine home.  This is the high end Janome "workshop" sewing machine.  I think a pretty good deal was had from the show purchase.
The laundry can wait!  I set it up for a test drive on Friday.  It just hums along producing great stitches.  The purchase came with the portable table too!  Am I happy?  YES!
These were the other items that came home with me.  The Bloc-Loc rulers are part of my Christmas goodies from Kerry.  The pouch is the perfect size for my collection of Bloc-Loc rulers.  I like to keep them all together.  It replaces a Ziploc bag with many holes from the strong tips of the rulers.  The scissors were BOGO; a steal!  Up at the top of the photo is DH's birthday gift.  This is a fabric add that will quickly be a fabric used.  He's going to love the beer themed lap quilt.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD: 0 yards
Purchased this week:  11 yards
Purchased YTD:  14.25 yards
Net used in 2018:  -14.25 yards

Enjoyed friends company, even one from Maryland!  Kourageous wasn't displayed in the best of locations.  It was too far away to see detail and for it to elicit the ooh and aahs that being up close would have done.  No ribbon, but positive comments from the judges.  Makes me want to work harder the next time.  I hope you had an opportunity to enjoy the show too.  Already planning on the trip next year and this year's event isn't even over.

Kerry and I took two workshops this year.  Two new projects to finish adding to my increasingly list of UFOs.  Having multiple projects going at the same time is just not my style, but it is happening.  Visit tomorrow to see the starts of these projects!

Design Wall Monday, January 15, 2018

And the planning for two new projects starts with the pulling of fabrics from stash!  There will be two workshops that I will participate in at this year's Road to California Quilter's Conference & Showcase 2018.  Up above are fabrics I will use in the workshop by Barbara Black called Antique Rose Star by Machine.  I have four charm packs and plaid yardage in the light, medium, and dark values required.  Not sure how these will all play together, but every effort will be made to make them work.

These fabrics are for Magic Mariner's Compass workshop by Janna Thomas.  There is some Sta-Flo starching to get these ready for the workshop.  Janna Thomas is the Bloc-Loc Lady that I've taken many workshops from.  You know how much I love their numerous rulers.  The TIS and KIS rulers will be used for this project.  The next time you see a blog post you'll see my first block.

I have no names picked out for these two help me with "K" names!  Kourageous will be judged soon if not already.  Wish me an exciting email in my box on Wednesday when winners for this year's show are announced =^.^=  Look for me at the show.

Sunday Stash Report, January 14, 2018

Kutarug with more rows finished.  There are rows folded over at the top as well as the end that sits on the floor.

Blue and purple are the last hour glass units to make on this round of assembly.  There will be more needed of all the colors, but what is done should get me through four more rows.

Stash enhancement for Kandiyohi.  Love to be working on this project, but it will need to wait for Kutarug to finish.  The 2017 UFOs must be done before starting on 2018's.

Used this week:  0 yards
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Purchased YTD:  3.25 yards
Net used in 2018:  0 yards

Design Wall Monday, January 8, 2018

I have made great progress on Kutarug.  You can see I made it to the other end of the width and down three diagonal rows.  Sunday's new parts that are being trimmed now will get me through another row or two.  Kutarug continues until it is done before I move on to anything else.  =^.^=
I did purchase additional corals for Kandiyohi (pronounced Kan e o hi).  This is the On Ringo Lake 2018 Winter Mystery by Bonnie Hunter, which has been revealed now.  I only got through the sewing of Part 1 of nine parts plus a little bit of cutting for other parts.  I'm excited to get this one under the needle.  I have my first add to 2018 stash for this coming Monday's Stash Report!

During the week I will be pulling fabrics for the two workshops I'll be taking next week at Road to California.  I have no idea right now what to use, but surely there is something to be found.

Sunday Stash Report, January 7, 2018

Nothing to report this week.  I'm plugging away at my scraps for Kutarug.  This is going to be one big USED once Kutarug is finished!

I'm still making hour glass and HST units.  Right now I'm adding black, green, and blue hour glass units.  Sewing is the easy part...trimming is the time consuming part.
Kassy in the kitchen pantry.
Being this is the first report of the year and no shopping there is nothing but zeros!

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD: 0 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  0 yards
Net used in 2018:  0 yards