Design Wall Monday, March 29, 2021

Sunny Side Up sewing is on a fast track to finish looked like this after Sunday.  You can notice that the low volume 9-patch blocks have started.  The three unit pieces are lined up for mixing and matching.

This is what I have left to assemble.  One of each to keep the fabrics moving across the project.

I have to sew a few more strip sets together and cut some 3" squares to finish the project.  Variety scattered about throughout. 
You can see that it goes fast!  Are you ready to hear what I have decided on a name for Emma's quilt?  It will be Kanary since it is so yellow!  If you look close notice how it is setting up on the outsides that will be cut straight.  There's going to be lots of low volume scraps for a next project.

Kerry is coming for a visit later this week.  We are meeting up at Rosie's!  Expect a rise in my stash on Sunday.  My Phaff goes for a service on Thursday.  Anxious to hear her purr...  Spring has definitely sprung in San Diego.  Enjoy the rest of your week.  

Sunday Stash Report, March 28, 2021


All sorts of project completed and on their way tomorrow to new owners.  This is Koney with it's very fluffy tail on its way to Greyson.  I have plans to make it even smaller for myself.  The fabrics are set aside and ready to be cut.  It will be fun to use the scraps from Koney when I make mine.

Karota is extra cute and it has a decoration or two or three on the way to Mom and Dad.  Mom has all the walnut shells needed to fill these carrots.  I have them stuffed with tissue paper for now.

Finally, Karen's Kupid's Kurtsy 2 that is a belated or perhaps early for Valentine's Day is also on the way to her.  It is finished with a red binding.  I'm happy that she wanted it.

Nice Easter basket stuffers don't you think?  So no finishes, but my fingers are sore from all the binding, sleeves, and label stitching on four projects.  On to Sunny Side Up that has a "K" name now.  How about Kanary?  Visit tomorrow for a glimpse of where I am on this project that needs to be in Texas by April 24th!

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 55.5 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yards 
Purchased YTD: 72.75 yards 
Net used in 2021: -17.25 yards

Design Wall Monday, March 21, 2021


Just the very beginnings of Sunny Side Up.  It is a pattern by Westwood Studios.  This project will be for Emma the first born of Cara and Brian.  Cara is the youngest of two daughters of my long time friend Charmagne.  I am pressed to get this special gift done in time for delivery in Texas by April 24th.  There is a virtual baby shower that day =^.^=

These are all ready to trim down to size.  All these HSTs are to be trimmed down before the bear paw piecing can go further.  I will be using my Bloc Loc tool for accomplishing this task.  Anyone notice the tool that is green in the photo?  This is a gift from Kerry that uses your used 45' blades.  It is called a BladeSaver Thread Cutter by Purple Hobbies LLC.  I've had it for a little while and this is its first use.  Kerry loves hers and I'm starting to feel the same about it.  Hope to have lots of progress this week to get this project finished and in the hands of Kerry, back to me, and off to Texas.

These are Bunch O Carrots made as table runner decoration to match the Springtime Bunnies table runner that Mom is to receive soon.  I received the table runner today from Kerry.  Darn cute how it quilted out and funny how the quilting design used is called Spring Time Fun.  Karota is the name of the table runner project that it has been given.  It was coined after a wild carrot that is called Daucus-carota.  I will have photos of the two projects in front of you after binding and label are complete.  Another project on my list to accomplish this week and get in the mail off to Maryland.

The third project to finish this week is Koney.  That adorable bunny quilt made for Greyson.  If you search on coney you will learn that it once was associated to rabbit fur.  This project has my kitties interested in the bunny tail.  I used a textured fabric that is fluffy.  Greyson really likes the touchy things.  Photo for you once the binding, label, and sleeve are in place.  Koney will go to Virginia real soon.

Okay my friends it is time for you to help me name Sunny Side Up!  My yellow fabrics are a bit more mellow than a Sunny Side Up fried egg!  Take care and have a great week =^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, March 21, 2021


Let's start with an add to my stash.  These two fabrics came from  They were both clearance fabrics and to resist would be silly!  The French Bull Dogs isn't a usual draw for me, but it will make a nice neutral when the time comes :)  The Tossed Fish by Riley Blake is perfect for a pink for my projects =^.^=

Several things have been sewn and added to my projects.  First up is the Sunshine BOM for March.  Marilyn made kits for these and I have made two.  This should be a nice project when I WIN!

I received a gift from Kerry to add to the growing 2021 UFO #4.  I will, I will, I will...make up these ornaments before decorating my Christmas tree this year.  Thanks Kerry!

I was a bit chinchy with the backing for my #1 2021 Sunshine Challenge that was sent to Kerry for quilting.  This is less just about 1/4" trimmed off.  Kerry did say she was a bit generous with how she attached the backing to her quilting machine, but my word!  I promised not to get so tiny in the future.

 The one completion this week is #1 2021 Sunshine Challenge.  It is a smaller version of Star Struck by Jenny Doan.  She has a YouTube tutorial if you are interested in making one for yourself.  All scraps here including the back that is 10" squares.

Kerry has in the mail to me the Bunny quilt for Greyson and the Springtime Bunny table runner for Mom.  I should get both of these early this week.  So some add this week.  I don't seem to be making ground using my stash.  I need another big project =^.^= There are other things going on that I'll share with you tomorrow.  Sunny Side Up is in full swing and so is Kandy Katz (Candy Cats).

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 55.5 yards 
Purchased this week: 3 yards 
Purchased YTD: 72.75 yards 
Net used in 2021: -17.25 yards

Design Wall Monday, March 15, 2021


Let me start today with the next project to work.  This one is called Sunny Side Up by Amanda Woodruff of  These are all the fabrics that will make it into the quilt.  It is a gift for the first child of Cara and Brian.  Cara is the younger of two daughters of my long time friend Charmagne.  Emma Blaire will be the darling's name.

This is a likeness of what my project will look like.  The Baby Shower is scheduled in late April in Texas.  Piece of cake!

The other project I have pulled out to finish is Candy Cats.  I had been waiting on the perfect sashing fabric, but wait no more.  The gray sort of weave looking fabric is just what I was looking for.  I am 100% satisfied.  There is a bit of a change to the layout than what you see on my Design Wall.  I will be making my project a rectangle versus a square.  There will be five blocks across and six blocks down.  The finish will be a 4" wide piano key multi fabric border.  I'm thinking the strips will be 2".  I will probably get through the sashing and inner border than put this aside for the Sunny Side Up project.

Happy St. Patrick's Day week!

Sunday Stash Report, March 14, 2021


Springtime Bunnies finished this week.  I love it!  It was such a fun pattern to put together.  I found a white with blue flowers fabric for the back that works well with the project.  Mom will likely have this in time for her Easter Decorations.  Another and the last table runner I have collected for her table.  I think all the other holidays are taken care of...Mom is there a holiday you need one for yet?


Kupid's Kurtsy and
Kupid's Kurtsy 2
I have been stitching the binding down on the three projects above.  I ordered and received from Primitive Gatherings 12 Binding Needles that will be used for the first time on these projects.  The first Kupid's Kurtsy is my guinea pig =^.^=

The needles are much longer than I have ever used except for a beading project.  The eye is rather tiny, but my hummingbird threader gets to be used which usually just sits in my binding pouch.  The needles are strong, so I don't feel that they bend.  They may be a winner if I can get used to the length of them.

I did get the green wool special for the month from Midway Wool.  No particular plans for them, but could come in to use for more variety as the Ornaments of #4 2021 UFO gets worked.

You all are well aware of my sock fetish...  Kerry is and sent me these cute ones to wear this month and especially this week as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  I already have my crock pot Stout Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Veggies recipe and all the ingredients ready for Wednesday.  I'll be wearing my socks =^.^=  Thank you Kerry.

So you may remember I have been trying to match the green of the John Deere panel for a second tractor quilt.  These were the contestants...and the winner is...

Jungle green by Kona.  Primitive Gatherings helped with this sending samples of the four for me to pick the best.  Two yards was ordered and received that will allow me to get this project under the rotary cutter and the needle of my Phaff.  I'm anxious to make a little boy happy again with a new tractor quilt.  More on this one to project to come.

I will be cutting between all the hand binding this week.  The Candy Cat project is being kick started to my Design Wall.  Sunny Side Up that will be a gift for an April  Baby Shower will get started along with Cinnamon Spice.  Wow don't I have high expectations for this week ahead.  Not too bad a week a little used and a little gained.

Used this week: 4.25 yards 
Used YTD: 55.5 yards 
Purchased this week: 2 yards 
Purchased YTD: 69.75 yards 
Net used in 2021: -14.25 yards

Design Wall Monday, March 8, 2021


Isn't the bunny cute?  Completed the applique stems and leaves in the afternoon yesterday Next attached the textured tail and outer border.  

Selected a light purple from my stash for the back.  This fabric is what is left from the Princess quilt made awhile back.  It is perfect for the project.  This one is ready for mailing to Kerry's Quilting for more magic!  Greyson will love the textured tail =^.^=

Next project is another with bunnies.  Springtime Bunnies table runner is sold out everywhere.  I've been asked to sell the pattern, but it isn't mine to sell.  Mom will get this when it is done.  Hopefully that will be not too long after her St. Patrick's Day table runner needs changing.  It should go fast once the pieces are all cut.

Have a wonderful week.

Sunday Stash Report, March 7, 2021


This is the second making of Star Struck that will be a Charity Quilt for YWCA, Betsy's House.  As you might recall from my last post I would be making two of these designs by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star.  The red fabric is from my sister.  If you look close enough you'll see that there are watermelon seeds all over.  The white comes from my Mom...her happiness and soon to be a child's cuddle quilt.

First arrival during the week was a FQ Bundle of Kimberbell Basics Whites.  FQs of white on white.  This came from of Moscow, ID.
Second arrival came from Mom.  This was a surprise package full of fun and silly things.  One even had me winning $10!  Not pictured here (because I forgot to include in the photo) a box of Mint Girl Scout Cookies.  It is that time of year to provide a little bit of support to the Girl Scouts.  In case you aren't aware I'm crazy about cat socks!  The batik will be used for the right project down the road and the ornament is adorable.  It will be added to the UFO #4 for 2021 project which hopefully will be done before it is time to adorn the tree.  Now if you want to know about the envelope marked "Emergency" you need to IM me, LOL!

Next in the mail on the same day no less came these two packages.  Vintage Christmas from of Quitman, TX.  This is month 4 and sadly I've only sewn up through month 1.  Kerry and I are doing this one and she's up-to-date if you want to check out these cute blocks...or you can wait on me =^.^= of Buda, TX had a deal on the Kim Diehl Butter Churn Basics collection.  Apparently Henry Glass Fabrics put these out yearly as one is the 2016 offering and the other 2018.  Now I have them in my stash for a future project.
Well now with two rather good size adds to my stash in the three FQ Bundles there has to be some sewing progress so Star Struck, Star Struck 2 and this very cute Bunny project by Ruthie Gordy from Rosie's Calico Cupboard Quilt Shop come out from under the needle.  I will be working on the stems and leaves for the flowers then sew down the outer border and add the textured tail.  This one goes to Greyson and the next project is another table runner for Mom called Springtime Bunnies.  Both the Star Struck projects and Bunny are using all scraps which helps with space to store the new!

Used this week: 17 yards
Used YTD:  51.25 yards
Purchased this week:  7.5 yards
Purchased YTD:  67.75 yards
Net used in 2021:  -16.5 yards

Join me tomorrow for the finish of Bunny and the start of Springtime Bunnies =^.^=

Design Wall Monday, March 1, 2021

Star Struck by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilts is done.  There was a little confusion in the cutting that became obvious during the YouTube tutorial.  Tanya's instructions say to cut 32 - 2 1/2" x 8 1/2" strips and a photo showing what I took to be all cut on the right side of the strip at a 45' angle.  All my fabrics were right side up when I cut.  Turns out the need was 16 cut on the right side and 16 cut on the left side.  In the end there will be two Star Struck charity quilts =^.^=  All good!  Just be careful if you only have enough of the rest of the fabric needed for just one quilt.  (I've already started on the second one!)

Here is what I have to finish sewing for the back with a bit of rearranging the red WOF strips and then it will be off to Kerry for some fancy quilting!