Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm moving right along on Krossfire.  I have over half of Corner Unit A and B done.  Tonight I'll be making Monster Fingers (mozzarella cheese sticks with green pepper pieces) for a lunchtime event at work on Halloween.  Once that is done I'll be back to more assembling of these units.

Enjoy HUMP DAY! 

Bets...your Briar Patch is beautiful.  I've not decide what fabrics to make mine in.  Perhaps I'll go with neutrals from blacks to browns to grays to tans.  My two totes holding black/gray and brown/tan will certainly be easier to close.  =^.^=  Now that you have Briar Patch done want to take on other Judy Neimeyer designs?  She sure has some beautiful designs.

Design Wall Monday, October 28, 2013

Krossfire, 2011 UFO
Jumping Jax Flash by Judy Niemeyer
Krossfire is coming along just great.  These colors are WILD together.  There are lots more of Corner Unit A and B to be made still.  I spent quite a while after dishes were cleaned from dinner cutting more shapes in the teal fabrics.  There are only two 2011 UFOs left to complete...trying hard to get them finished.  Both are Judy Niemeyer designs.  At this time it is looking like I might get this one done.  I am not so certain the second one will be finished.  I have one more commissioned quilt to get done before December and two more 2013 UFOs.  Goodness its the last days of October...where has 2013 gone?
Krossfire Closeup
All of the Corner Unit A and Bs were sewn this weekend at a retreat I attended.  There is a spiky border that will use light and dark teals to be added to the project.  I will be moving the block centers around a bit to even out the colors.

So are you going to make Bonnie Hunter's 2013 Mystery, Celtic Solstice?  Will you make it in the suggested colors or go out on a limb?  I'm going to stay with Bonnie once again.  I may have to shop a bit though...  I've used over 300 yards this year so I figure I can treat myself if Mom's stash won't get me there!

Happy Halloween Week!

Sunday Stash Report, October 27, 2013

I'm going to claim some yardage used today.  Krazy Krones is complete.  It took a little bit to line up the plaids.  I do think it was worth the effort.  I have a bit of hand stitching to do on the moon, star, and the warts on the witches noses which will go fast.  I was able to get all the witches finished at the retreat I attended this weekend.
Also at the retreat I worked on Krossfire.  The pieces in the front and right are the two sections that I pieced all day Friday.  It was a bit of an effort focusing on where Judy Niemeyer wanted me to stop stitching with all the fun chatting among our group going on.  I went over the optional star line more than once...ugh!  I'll be working on more of these today.  There are LOTS to be made.  Now that Krazy Krones is off the design wall Krossfire can go up.  I'll have it up for tomorrow's Design Wall posting.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Used this week:  8.25 yards
Used YTD:  313.25 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  102.25 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2013:  211 yards

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Krazy Krones under construction
 And now there are four witches.  In the pizza box to be sewn up next is witch 5!

These are the three quilts that I finished binding during my vacation to the East Coast.  Krazy Kattle was my project on the plane ride.  Knautical and Kubicles were done at my parents home.  I suppose I should have kept one of them for the plane ride home...
Krazy Kattle
You can see all of my finishes at my website

Design Wall Monday, October 21, 2013

Krazy Krones
 Buggy Barns design If the Hat Fits is on my wall today.  Well only the first three blocks actually.  Witch four is a wild one!  She is sitting on top of five others all comfy in a large pizza box.  Julann who has instructed a number of Buggy Barn designs at local quilt shops shared this very clever way to store the cut pieces.

I'm hoping to get a few more of these "Krones" done this week.  

My red strings are building up.  I have a few more to go before I start in on the 9-patches.  

When I returned home from my vacation yesterday, a fun package had been delivered.  I was luck enough to win this very cute holiday quilt kit from for my participation in the September 2013 UFO Challenge Parade.  Hope you've got something fun going on in your sewing room.  More projects can be seen through the links today at Patchwork Times.

Sunday Stash Report, October 20, 2013

This week there is a change to both stats.  Kindergarten (Little School Girl by Lori Smith) was finished.  This is my October UFO.  I really like the way the stripes worked out in the setting triangles.  Sure is nice having the monthly project done to free me up to work on other projects.  I'm really anxious to get back to Krazy Krones (If The Hat Fits by Buggy Barn).

One purchase this week from Olde Towne Stitchery while I was in Maryland.  This fabric worked out well for Kristmas Kollage (Deck-Ade The Halls by Fat Quarter Shop).

For this week here's my stats....

Used this week:  2.25 yards
Used YTD:  305 yards
Purchased this week:  4 yards
Purchased YTD:  102.25 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2013:  202.75

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halfway through the month and #7 is done. My 2013 October UFO Challenge complete!  Kindergarten is my version from the Q is for Quilt:  Little School Girl pattern by Lori Smith of From my heart to your hands designs.  Kindergarten is a small quilt finishing 16 7/8" x 22 1/2".  The block size is 4" x 4".

 I've been working on this cute project while on vacation in the evenings after my parents call it a night.  Mom has been a real trooper staying up with me until way past her usual bedtime.  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nearly done with my 2013 October UFO Challenge.  Here Kindergarten is in pieces.  Next up sewing the pieces together.  I'm excited about how the stripe worked out for the setting triangles... 

Design Wall Monday, October 14, 2013

 I brought with me the fabrics and pattern to work on my 2013 October UFO challenge.  Yesterday I cut out most of the pieces.  The stripe will be used for the setting triangles and the brown print will be the focus blocks.  The stack of pieces to the left and the right of the larger stripe pieces make the pieced block in the design.  You can see what I'm doing by way of this link it is the challenge listed as #7.
Krazy Krones
At home there are a few witches that need legs...  Thanks Mom for turning each of them.  Once back in my sewing room I plan on continuing the Buggy Barn design If the Hat Fits.

Lots of other quilters working on some great things in their sewing rooms.  Visit them at Patchwork Times.

Sunday Stash Report, October 13, 2013

Back from a fabulous trip to New York.  The Broadway show was one to see if you happen to get the chance "Kinky Boots".  It definitely deserves the Tony Awards it received earlier this year.  We even got a glimpse of Cindi Lauper!

I did purchase some fabric on Tuesday before setting out to New York.  Olde Towne Stitchery had some fabrics that I felt would be good additions to my stash.  The fabrics on the left are perfect for Buggy Barn designs.  The other two have no particular purpose except that I'm not in the best shape with either of these colors should I be searching around for them.

For this week here's my stats....

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  302.75 yards
Purchased this week:  5 yards
Purchased YTD:  98.25 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2013:  204.5

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Not much time for sewing except after everyone goes to bed.  I have about half of my red string blocks made.  Hope to get more done when I get back from New York.  Excited to have some sister time!  Wish the rain would go way it will dampen our trip!

Design Wall Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy 50th Birthday Karen!  Kandle Kounting is a Buggy Barn design that I had lots of fun making.  I used the fabric line by them from Moda called Angel's Among Us.  

The family had a blast celebrating both of our birthdays on Saturday at Matsutake Steak House.  There were 13 of us sitting around two hibachi tables watching the chefs prepare our meals.  Karen was dumbfounded with the birthday gift my parents gave us...transportation, lodging, sightseeing, and a Broadway show in New York.  We head out for the big excursion on Friday morning at 4:45 am.  So excited!!!
After wishing my sister a Happy 50th this morning I got into my Mom's red stash.  I've got about 15 of the 60 string blocks together.  Once they are all together I'll get busy on the 9-patches that will be red/neutral.  I'm planning on making Talkin Turkey! a design by Bonnie Hunter that can be found in her String Fling book.  I suspect that I won't get to the 9-patches until I get back home.  This project is part of a swap that I'm doing with eleven others.  You'll see more on this swap in days ahead.

Hope your week is a great one.  See other great quilting projects through the links at Patchwork Times.