Design Wall Monday, November 18, 2019

Bountiful applique!  I have the freezer paper papers traced and ready to apply to fabrics.  Starting with the lower right corner fabric.  The two stems start the applique, so they will be first.
On the left is the applique placement and on the right what it should look like when done.
Here are all the pieces temporarily fused down with the freezer paper.  I use both by the roll and by the sheet for the freezer paper.  The sheets are a bit easier to manage, but both work equally as well.  Trimming these units down to a width about 1/8" from the template then liquid starch and a good press between the Teflon sheet will make the edges crisp.
The background fabric is laid over the applique template on a light box and finally the prepared units find their place.
Here is the first applique to stitch.  My thread color is not what I would want, but I will hide the stitches such that it will not show.  Hopefully I will have a lot more to share with the next blog post on Sunday.

Have a wonderful week.   =^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, November 17, 2019

Fall Whiskers is off to be quilted.  I still have his eyes to sew in place, but that will be quick.  Thinking on a name for this 12" x 12" project.  It is getting easier to work with wool and embroidery stitches on it.  This one is a 2019 UFO that can come off the list!

These two projects are ready completely for the Sunshine Craft table that will be 12/7 and 12/8.  There are three more yet to finish.  Arrangements will be made to get them in the hands of Jennifer.
Earlier in the week these arrived.  Sorry for the glow on the box from the flash :(  The Satin finished sheets are the finest in my opinion.  They are pricey, but for me it is worth the extra.

Mom sent me some her stash.  Apparently she's returning the greens which were from my stash originally.  Can't put a project where they were used, but Mom's memory is many times far better than mine.  The cute purse is also from her stash and her hands :)  The quality of her purses is awesome.

Kerry and I visited to three local sewing centers.  My goal was to get to Cozy and Central Sewing to redeem gift cards that were won as long ago as 2018!  I don't get out to this part of San Diego much.  At Cozy I spent more than the gift card.  The opportunity to get 30 percent off all the fabrics to make a quilt that is on my bucket list was irresistible.  I also picked up a couple of raspberry fabrics as well.  Central Sewing had tools that I could use.  I've been wanting a Teflon ironing mat for awhile now.  Just don't think to pick it up when I could do it easily.
The last stop was Memory Lane.  I'm so sorry to hear about Chris closing her doors after 14 years.  We both picked up some fabric, me the green and more raspberry fabrics.  The green and raspberry are for Frolic, Bonnie Hunter's 2019 Mystery that starts on Black Friday.  The black wordy fabric is just a stash I need it :)  I also called Chris back with an order.  She is still accommodating special orders at the 25 percent off price so the templates for Autumn Love were purchased.  I also got the 18 1/2 inch square and some Pelon for future projects my Mom creates.

On Tuesday Project 4 was called at the Sunshine meeting for the 2019-2020 UFO Challenge.  I am on track in finishing them and won't be derailed!  I also participated in the December BOM and have that sewn up already.  The white was provided.  Participants are to add a green and red holiday print to this fun block.  I am very pleased that the coordinators are offering smaller block sizes.  I am not excited when they finish over 9 inches.  It makes for such a large project because you want to use the entire win in one project.

So I have a little to claim as used, but more to claim as new.

Used this week:   .75 yards
Used YTD:  133.5 yards
Purchased this week:  10.5 yards
Purchased YTD:  62 yards
Net used in 2019:  71.5 yards

Design Wall Monday, November 11, 2019

Happy Veterans Day

I have all the hand stitching of the wool done, but didn't have time to snap a photo.  What is left for an evening after Tuesday night is the facial features and the bow that attaches the star to the cat's tail.  I'm very pleased with my hand work on Fall Whiskers.
Bountiful is the next 2019 UFO to tackle.  These are the fabrics that I'll be using along with a photo of the pattern.
I was able to cut it all out and stitch up the flying geese that will make up the starts that are all over this design.  I will be trimming them during the week after Fall Whiskers is complete.

Tuesday evening is the monthly meeting of Sunshine Quilt Guild.  I'm looking forward to Jean Impey's presentation and all the other activities that will make up the November meeting of the guild.