Design Wall Monday, April 12, 2021

Everything needed is in my sewing room today to work on until I finish Kandy Katz.  I'm getting my thread ready and the project bag opened.  Everyone wants to see this project finished =^.^=

There will be a short intermission to finish and put in the mail Kanary that is expected to arrive on Tuesday from Kerry.  Remember there is a race to have it to a baby shower in Texas by April 24th.  I also have Sunshine Quilt Guild's April meeting tomorrow night.

May sewing commence on Wednesday!  

Sunday Stash Report, April 11, 2021

Koney 2 is finished.  Just at 27" x 29" it will be perfect for the desk nook in the kitchen.  Not sure what I'll use for a binding right now.  His fuzzy little tail is just 3 1/2" round.  This tail won't get quite the attention as Greyson has been spending with his Easter quilt.

Greyson's quilt didn't get there until a day after Easter, but I suppose he doesn't really know yet what day Easter came this year.

I also finished the second Tractor quilt.  This one is made to replace the first quilt that sadly was lost in a house fire.  The little guy who is six now missed his special quilt so much that he shed many tears about it being gone.  Several wonderful folks have come together to gift him this Tractor quilt.  Thanks to the loving hearts of Mom, Dru (Primitive Gatherings), and Kerry for helping me to make this gift of love.  Kerry will have it next for quilting.  Binding next for me and soon there won't be any more tears.

When Kerry was here we discussed that I might not have enough florals to make the April Sunshine Quilt Guild BOM.  Florals just aren't that abundant in my stash.  Kerry mentioned she would send me some.  Well she sent me enough to make two and then some.  Turns out in my scraps I was able to scrape up enough for another and before long I had made four.  If I win these blocks, chances are good with four entries, a scallop border is planned.  I might add a bit of lace to the border too.  

The mail brought me many fine things this week.  Fat Quarters Shop, BellaRoseQuilts, and Stitchin Heaven had these items until they were delivered to my door!

14" Lori Holt Design Board
Pumpkin Trio Quilt Pattern
Secret Stash Neutrals top two and backing for Tractor 2
April installment of Vintage Christmas
Hocus Pocus Pattern and Kit

Used this week:  13.5 yards 
Used YTD: 80 yards 
Purchased this week: 13 yards 
Purchased YTD: 106 yards 
Net used in 2021:  -26 yards

Design Wall Monday, April 5, 2021

No this isn't something on my Design Wall :)  Just thought it was really funny...don't you agree?

Koney 2 is on my Design Wall...for real :).  It was fun working on my smaller bunny project yesterday between dinner preparation and dessert making or our Easter Feast.  I have the units sewn into rows.  All of this with my Professional 5.0.

The rows to rows and all beyond will be sewn with my new toy, Professional ICON.  Tomorrow I'll be taking my Kola insert to be sized to Paradise Sewing.  From this measurement Paradise Sewing will work with Kola to get me a new one going.  What you see now is not the final arrangement, but it will work for a time.  If it doesn't I can always put the 5.0 back and wait to use the ICON until the new insert is in my hands.  There is some learning ahead for me...just to wind a bobbin and thread the machine=^.^=  I think it is going to be a late dinner tonight!