Design Wall Monday, February 26, 2024

Six blocks finished and half way there.  Pam had an orphan block from her project and I will be using it in mine (top right).  Most of the remaining blocks will be in browns, but another color just might pop in.

I have a bunch of units ready to assemble.  You can see a variety of colors that I am working with.

Looks like a yellow leaf is coming together.  =^.^=  Enjoy these last few days of February.

Sunday Stash Report, February 25, 2024

In full swing this week with October Morning.  Another UFO for 2024.  Pam was so generous to offer her stash in the mostly Kim Diehl fabric line.  I wonder if Pam would consider selling me her stash of backgrounds...  Once I have finished the project back to her goes her great fabrics.

I am using the bits and pieces tucked in among the larger chunks of similar fabrics.  I don't have a name figured out for this project yet.  Appreciate any suggestions you might have.  This one won't be very large.  It will have 12 blocks that are half the size in the original design.

So for this week I am counting the Storybooks Quilts that finished.  Hope to get more in the used category and less in the purchased category.  It always works out that you have to purchase in order to use.

Used this week: 12.25 yards 

Used YTD: 17.75 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yard
Purchased YTD: 36 yards
Net used in 2024: -18.25 yards

Design Wall Monday, February 19, 2024


Here's the finish of the two Story Books Quilt project.  Excited to have these done.  I'm thinking about using a darker teal for the binding...we shall see what happens.  I've got enough of the backing and probably could piece what's left of the background.  Like I said, we shall see what happens =^.^=  I'll have these off towards Arizona tomorrow.  Looking for a "library" or "fantasy" sort of quilting design.

Next up Kolonization!  Hope you enjoy your week.