Design Wall Monday, June 5, 2023


These two turn six today!  They are about to celebrate the day starting with Temptations Birthday Treats.  Kassy is on the left and Kosmo on the right.  They have both just noticed the bag =^.^=  Happy Birthday!

Yesterday I spent several hours on the floor sorting through my stash trying to find the perfect fabrics to make more projects.  It is difficult for me to look for more than one project at a time.  I really need to focus on one or I am not happy with the result.  I have settled on these fabrics for another sunflower wall hanging.  I hope to get to the cutting of units during the week.

I will be making two projects from this pattern.  These fabrics will make the wall hanging on the left side of the pattern's cover.  This one will stay with me.  Like I need another Halloween project!

This second set of fabrics will make the darling placemat on the bottom just under the wall hanging.  I might get swayed into making the other two placemats, but first the pumpkin and owl.  This one will go to Greyson.  As I have mentioned at one time he was very interested in owls.  Not sure that is still the case, but he's going to have one under his plate on Halloween.

Sunday Stash Report, June 4, 2023

Oh my how times flies by...this little man turned three on Friday.  He loves to have his photo taken!  Happy Birthday Greyson =^.^=

Not to downplay his Mom's birthday by any way.  Tiffany celebrated her birthday on May 30.  Happy Birthday Tiffany =^.^=
This week was concentrated on cutting.  The Witches Night Out pattern has a lot of pieces to cut.  In the pattern book each block design is treated separately.  Names like Chevron Pumpkin Starlight Pumpkin Bubbling Cauldron, and my favorite Black Cat and Broomstick blocks are ready to make.  I will need to complete the cutting of the project's Finishing, but this will wait until the blocks are all stitched and ready to assemble.  Kauldron you are getting closer to becoming a quilt!

Can you imagine that all of this is leftover?  This my friends is how our "Stash" becomes larger and larger...  Not to say it won't get used mind you, but really do we need as much as a pattern calls for usually...
Next up to cut was Stomping Ground project.  This is where my stash needed a little more.  The purple and two greens just were not to be had so to the fabric store I went to complete the fabric requirements.
This one didn't take any time at all to cut out.  I plan to sew up a few of the elephants today.  This will go to a coworker's first child who was born on May 29th.  This is a pattern I've been wanting to make for a long time now.

You can see the slight change to my stash.  I hope your first week of June brings sunshine and joy.  June birthdays are a plenty in my family.  Check back tomorrow to see who turns six.  

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 66.5 yards 
Purchased this week: 1.75 yards 
Purchased YTD: 43.5 yards
Net used in 2023: 23 yards

Design Wall Monday, May 29, 2023

 I felt like doing something patriotic for this Memorial Day weekend.  Kountry was stitched up quick as could be.  This is a Fat Quarter Quilt Shop project from a year or two back.  It has a dark blue to use for the binding and possible the better part of the back.  It finishes at 27" square.  I started the cutting of it at the recent retreat.  Wishing all the families with military men who gave of themselves, served and returned, or are still engaged that provide the freedoms we have as Americans.

Another project that will occupy my hands during television night is prepared for stitching.  The scarecrow block of Autumn Love.  Pieces were prepared, turned, and pressed during my recent visit to my parents.  Except for the hat, right Mom?  I used several tools in my sewing tool box until I found the right one to turn the brim.  I'm chugging along with this project.

Since I must have a project under my sewing machine needle, it is time to start cutting kits.  This is the first of five I plan to work that is called Scary Faces.  It is one from a previous Mystery Limited Edition Spooky Box from Fat Quarter Shop, just like Kountry was from  Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Limited Edition Liberty Box.  I won't be using the background suggested rather one that I have in my stash.

These are blocks I won from the December 2022 BOM coordinated by Tonya Althof.  I'm hoping she may have some of the background left to make two more blocks.  Sadly the light blue one at the top had the seam allowance cut off, making it unusable unless I add a coping to the block, but then I'll be cutting off the tips of the blue squares.  I also need one more to give me the quantity desired for the project I want to make.

This is from Suzanne's Art House once again.  She designs the cutest small projects =^.^=  I have just the perfect green for the "BOO".  You know how much I love Halloween designs.  2023 UFO

I know of a little guy who loves owls.  Well he did at one time; not sure about owls now...  Another Halloween project from the same pattern designer Suzanne's Art House.  The two designs came in the same pattern collection.  2023 UFO

I have all the fabrics for this one that I have been trying to get to for a few years now.  I want to have the quilt for this Halloween and I will be working to that end.  I have had it out several times to cut, but this time it isn't going back to collect dust for another year.  Besides there will be so much fabric left over to use on other projects!  This will be called Kauldron.  2022 UFO

The last of the bunch pulled out to work on in the coming weeks will be the sunflower wall hanging that will be called Kianti.  If you changed it back to a "c" chianti is a type of sunflower.  There are a few variations in color, but this one looks like it will work for the colors in my home.  2023 UFO

As you can see I'll be busy with these.  The cutting takes the time!  Enjoy your Memorial Day.