Design Wall Monday, March 28, 2022


This was our sewing area at the retreat.  Bonnie's living/dining room.  Bonnie was taking photos while we were sewing or making jewelry.

Bonnie was working on a tropical 5" square project.  The final version may end up with sashing in teal and perhaps black outer border.  It was a bit busy having the squares next to one another.  Her second project lay in wait until a second copy of the pattern could be secured.  There was lots of strip cutting afterwards, but no pictures to share.

Donna joined in making jewelry for us.  This is a new craft project for Donna.  She even learned a new way of tying off a single strand bracelet.  These pieces were gifted to each of us.  Thanks Donna!

Kerry's first project and the only one photographed comes from the 2022 Cupid Box, Fat Quarter Quilt Shop.  It really turned out nice. Kerry's second project is a black version of Winter Blues.  A huge project that she managed to do quite a lot of work on.  You will see both of these projects on her blog and again on my blog as I will be making both projects too.

Kristy worked on a year long BOM project.  This one is a large project.  I think she got all but two months and putting the entire project together done during the retreat.  What you see on the design wall is just a portion of the project.

Terry's first project is a lap size that will be perfect to snuggle up with if Yuma ever gets chilly...  Actually I suppose there are some of those evenings inside with the AC.  Terry worked on a second project, but no photos of it.

As I mentioned yesterday we all had a great time sewing.  (My projects were shown there.)  There's a possibility of making this an annual retreat where the participants might be larger.  Time will see how this might work out.  Now it is time for me to put everything in its place in my sewing room!

Sunday Stash Report, March 27, 2022

Krush came out just as I had hoped.  This was my first finish at the retreat in Yuma over the weekend.  I have enough background and reds from the project to make a long pillow to match.  I believe they call them lumbar pillows.  The back is a red with tiny white polka dots.  I'll use the backing for the pillow back also.

This is Turkey Trot.  I have to applique the legs in place and add another border yet.  I turned the turkeys from the original table runner to use it as a wall hanging instead.  I had thought three turkeys, but realized it would be too long.  Took one of the turkeys out to make it a better size for the place I want it to hang.  I will end up putting it on the back with a cute slogan that will be a surprise to you as this project moves along.

Kerry had Kosmic Krisp quilted and I added the binding which is not yet turned and sewn down in this photo.  Another binding project for me.

Besides the little over two yards for Krush's backing this is the damage for the week.  On the left are two FQs and two FEs.  In the middle are eight low volume FQs.  At the top is a cute charm pack that is a retreat gift from Kerry along with the Polish Pottery tea bag holder; it also came with a tea bag.  Finally on the right are two one yard pieces of a stripe one will be for the bias binding Kyushu.  The piece at the back is the background for Katerskill one of my 2022 UFOs.

So there you have my projects and fabric purchases over the week.  I had a blast at the retreat.  Kerry's home in Scottsdale and Bonnie's home in Yuma from Tuesday through Sunday.  Thanks for all your hospitality.  I enjoyed every minute of my visit to your lovely new homes.

Hope your week ahead is a good one =^.^=

Used this week: 10.25 yards
Used YTD: 35.5 yards 
Purchased this week: 10.75 yards 
Purchased YTD: 28 yards 
Net used in 2022: 7.5 yards

Design Wall Monday, March 21, 2022


Krush will be one of the projects taken to the Quilt Retreat this weekend.  It is a Laundry Basket Quilts pattern.  The project is intended for my niece Tiffany.  From gifts from my Sister Karen there was almost enough of the background.  My Mom found more and mailed it out this past week.  Perfect match!  My stash of red will be used for the hearts.

Turkey Trot is another.  The pattern comes from Mom, one background is from Karen, and the prints and printed fabrics come from Kerry.  I had the second background and a brown strip for the legs.  I will be using the Avery label paper again for this project.
Koastline is coming too.  I am on the last border; about half way putting down the vine and stems.  More Avery label paper for the applique.  I will be cutting these shapes apart and have a baggie of blues to continue on.  This one is getting very close!

Kerry will have Kosmic Krisp ready for me when I see her tomorrow.  Will be bringing fabric for the sleeve and binding.  Did you know there was such an apple as a Cosmic Crisp?  Red binding for this project.

Well I should be without something to do=^.^=

Sharing part of my Alley Cats collection with you.  These three cats are part of the Red Carpet series.  I have to do a bit of research to find out what Margaret Le Van called them.  Need to put up a third shelf!

Sunday Stash Report, March 20, 2022


After a very long time this beautiful Lonestar is finished.  There were three that my friend Christy found homes for recently and this one found me.  According to Christy her friend Hulda says her Great Grandmother Lillie Knight hand stitched the top.  Lillie came to California about 1908 from Maine.  Hulda thinks this project was made in the 1920s or 1930s.  Kerry did the quilting perfectly to accentuate the spaces and the unique lonestar design.  It finishes at 90" square.  A red fabric that matches very closely to the red Lillie used is the binding.  Well Lillie I hope you are happy with the finish.  It was an honor to accomplish it for you.

During the week Kackling came back to me.  I have the project trimmed up and ready for so magic putting together a sleeve with the extra pieces.  I am uncertain if it will be an orange or a black binding.  Leaning towards orange...

That same day Karryon came back too.  Also have this one trimmed up and ready for sleeve and binding.  I don't have any extra pieces so will likely use the gray that is also the backing for it.  Red fabric will be the binding of this I'm sure.

Kyushu came too!  What an exciting week for me from Kerry!  I have it on my table ready for trimming.  I have to audition the aquas in my stash to see if something will work for binding.  I have a few pieces to add into the sleeve that will also be from backing fabric.

There is no change to stash numbers.  Most of the week was spent hand sewing either on the Lonestar or Koastline.  I'm gathering projects for my Quilting Retreat in Yuma, AZ today.  DH has kitty sitting for a few days...he's good at this=^.^=

Hope your week ahead is a good one =^.^=

Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 25.25 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yards 
Purchased YTD: 17.25 yards 
Net used in 2022: 8 yards

Design Wall Monday, March 14, 2022

Not much to share today.  I have been cleaning up my sewing room, some hand sewing,  cutting scraps, and putting fabrics in their proper places.

Sweet Apple block by Lovely Threads was finished.  It comes as a block by them and a size larger than my project.  At the inspiration of another project I came up with this design.  It doesn't finish too large just around 19" x 25".  I'm calling it Kosmic Krisp after a variety of apple called Cosmic Crisp.

I won't be starting any new projects until my trip to Yuma by way of Phoenix.  Going to take a flight out, finally, to Kerry's home for a visit.  Then drive with her to Yuma for a quilting get away at Bonnie's home.  It will be the first time visiting both of them in their new homes in Arizona.  Until then I have projects to get ready and hand sewing on Koastline and an antique Lonestar.

It is back to working on campus starting tomorrow =^.^=  I have a new hair stylist to try on Thursday and then it's back home for corned beef and cabbage!  Hope your St. Patrick's Day is fully of luck for you!


Sunday Stash Report, March 13, 2022


Keli is complete except sewing down the sleeve and a label.  Those two last tasks will be done today.  It was nice that Kerry was able to get this back to me in time for St. Patrick's Day.  If you look real close you can see that it is quilted with a very pale green; a good choice.

I found a bit of time to get further on my Sweet Apple project.  This one will be used during the Summer months and lead into Fall.  The white one white is varied in the apples but a school scheme in the sashing and outer border.  I tried to be a bit different in the leaves of the apples, but messed up in the placement of the blocks on the top row.  I want them in reverse and will make that happen after a visit with my "Clover".  The pinwheels and the rest of the quilt top aren't sewn together which leaves it looking off.  That of course will change when the seams bring it in and all together.  I will be binding this one with red.

Hope your week ahead is a good one =^.^=

Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 25.25 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yards 
Purchased YTD: 17.25 yards 
Net used in 2022: 8 yards

Design Wall Monday, March 7, 2022

A bit of cutting units.  First up is Sweet Apple.  I made the block smaller than the pattern called for.  I'll use four blocks surrounded by a cute "school theme" white on white background.  Add pinwheel blocks like you see in the second photo.
This is Sunshine's March BOM.  Tulips are to be made.  I will be making my tulip yellow.

Nothing else to share today.  My design wall is empty until I have time to get into my sewing room =^.^=


Sunday Stash Report, March 6, 2022

Friday I met up with my friend Bonnie at Rosie's.  Bonnie wanted a little help on selecting fabrics for a project she is about to start.  Her plan is to work on it during a quilting retreat at her home in Yuma, AZ at the end of this month.  While at Rosie's I found fabric for binding the Lonestar quilt.  The red should do nicely.

I also fell in love with two samples that were displayed in the store.  Fortunately, the patterns were available.  Yes I'm crazy to get another Halloween project, but couldn't resist.  I also have a sunflower pattern, but this one I like better.  This company puts out some very cute patterns.  My great nephew is into "owls" right now.  These projects are small which is great.

During the week fabric I ordered for my Mom arrived.  I'll be matching up two more fabrics for each fabric in the photo.

I did take time to cut out some Sweet Apple blocks, but didn't get around to sewing them.  Tim's brother and sister in law were weekend guests so no sewing took place.  Just one change to my stash this week.

Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 25.25 yards 
Purchased this week: 1 yards 
Purchased YTD: 17.25 yards 
Net used in 2022: 8 yards