Design Wall Monday, November 28, 2022


Oh Say...Can You Sew! Clue 7 is all cut and ready to sew.  I'm hoping there are 640 1" squares...  I will be sitting down and counting to make sure.  There is still more blues if I fall short.  That is a lot of 1" squares don't you think?

What's been extra great is that Chilhowie is using 1 1/2" strips too.  Anything less than 9 1/2" will be used in Chilhowie.  This is Part 1 that was out on Black Friday.  I'll be changing out the aqua for emerald green shades and the deeper oranges for a lighter orange.  The neutrals will be more towards the ivory side.  So a few tweaks in Bonnie's colors.

Nothing else happening in the sewing room but my projects!  The charity work for now is at a stay until I get to binding when Kerry has a chance to get some of the quilting done.  I know she's been working on one of her quilts where she is doing a custom design.  I have been asking much on the charity side from her =^.^= 

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Sunday Stash Report, November 27, 2022

It was a week where not much sewing was accomplished.  It likely happened to you with it being Thanksgiving.  Family arrived on Thursday for the meal.  We met for the first time Kelsey who is engaged to our nephew Cody.  Six of us sat down to give thanks.  Rita said a lovely grace.  The three new dishes I tried out for the meal turned out to be favorites for our group.  Both Kelsey and Rita asked for the farro recipe.  The cauliflower recipe was passed on to Rita.  The traditional gravy recipe was very good, but Tim still claims his mom's is the best.  I have been trying to get close; it seems like I won't be able to come close.

Rita helped me make eight kits for Sunshine Quilt Guild Members.  I didn't add any of the fabrics purchased for this project to my stash so I'll not claim any of it used.  I'm happy to be able to make the kits.  Hope each of the kits get made and wind up in the hands of a child that needs the comfort.

So no change to my stats this week.  I'm off to look at Bonnie Hunter's Winter Mystery, Chilhowie.  I have yet to pull fabrics together.  Time to get going!  I plan to make half the project for now in the colors she suggests.  I also plan to cut the sashing units for Oh Say...Can You Sew! while the Chargers play.  Hope you have a wonderful week ahead=^.^=

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 184.5 yards 
Purchased this week: 0 yards 
Purchased YTD: 62.75 yards 
Net used in 2022: 121.75 yards

Design Wall Monday, November 21, 2022


Let me start with the arrival of the 2022 Jolly Box from Fat Quarters Quilt Shop.  The shop has an offering a few times a year that is themed for a specific holiday.  You can see all the red and green goodies in this Christmas box.  They also include a pattern with part of the fabrics included along with a discount for what is needed to complete the design.  If you zoom in close the pattern can be seen.  I will probably make it if a background fabric can be found in my stash.  The discount is a nice one, but it would be nice to use up my stash.

I have the fourth part of Autumn Love done.  I think the scarecrow block is next to work.  Part five here I come.

I've been spending lots of time on this project. I am making this one first to get the instructions right.  It is using two different designs for the layout.  Once I have the instructions right I will be preparing as many as ten kits for Sunshine Quilt Guild Members to make if they choose for a philanthropy project.

I hope to put in the mail this week four projects to Kerry.  It has been a busy week for me=^.^=  Hope yours is a little bit slower paced!  Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday Stash Report, November 20, 2022

Not really giving Kosmo and Katastrophy baths, but we are getting the homestead ready for company this week.  I have some finishes nonetheless =^.^=

These two were the first of several new fabrics brought home with me this week.  The clouds fabric is for a charity project for Sunshine Quilt Guild.  I'll be making several quilt kits with it and a lot of my stash.  It is a sailboat project, but you will need to visit tomorrow to see it.  The second fabric is the back for Scattered Leaves 1.  Both fabrics were on sale at Hobby Lobby; the one on the bottom 75% off.

The top fabric is from Rosie's.  I decided on something with teals and blues because this top used many of the shades in it.  My Design Wall is cluttered so the view is from my sewing cabinet.  This is a directional fabric...must remember when I sew it together.
I also picked this one up for a Sunshine Charity quilt.  The kit I picked up has everything except the back.  This polka dot flannel fits perfect with the dalmatians don't you think?
These fabrics will go with the clouds.  You must come back tomorrow for my Design Wall post for the reveal of the cutest little sailboat project.

I have also worked on Autumn Love this week.  I have the fourth week almost done.  This is the third Harvest Block with still one more to stitch.  There is some trimming to do before this one gets stitched together.

I almost pulled the wallet out for an Accuquilt Go Big cutting machine.  The sales are great right now.  I know I'd use it, but the dies are so expensive and the starter kit has sizes I'd likely not use.  Kerry has one and loves it.  The problem is I'd want five dies right off the block.  If I got just two I'd be trimming the units down and as you see there goes the idea behind having the right die.  What to do?

I'll update my stash count from what was last week a bit later.  Time to get to work so the Accuquilt Go Big with it's many dies could come to fruition!

Used this week: 7 yards 
Used YTD: 184.5 yards 
Purchased this week: 6.75 yards 
Purchased YTD: 62.75 yards 
Net used in 2022: 121.75 yards

Design Wall Monday, November 14, 2022

I am back to working on Autumn Love.  This is Week 4 Harvest Block.  There are four Harvest Blocks and this one is the first.  (The blue is part of the little design wall.  The actual block stops after the hash fabric.)

It is a bit blury, sorry.  This is another part of Week 4.  I have the heart stitched down now.
I have had these done for quite awhile now.  All three of these designs make up Week 4.  Now to get the Harves Blocks sewn together.  My project for this week =^.^=

Hope you are getting ready with recipes for next week.  Have a wonderful week ahead.

Sunday Stash Report, November 13, 2022


Keyhole 3 is finished and ready for quilting.  Kerry might find some cowboy inspired quilt design for the stitching.  Perhaps a teal thread?

Keyhole 4 is finished and ready for quilting.  This one is the favorite of the four made so far.  Zoom in and see the theme border...

Scattered Leaves 2 is finished too.  Maybe Kerry has a maple leaf quilt design for the stitching.  Just about any color would do for the thread.  The back of Scattered Leaves 2 is a mustard color.  A piece that has been in my stash for quite some time.  I am still looking for a leaf theme border to use on Scattered Leaves 1.  I purchased the back at Hobby Lobby on Saturday for Scattered Leaves 1.  Scattered Leaves 1 is coming together, but not quite there yet.

At Sunshine Quilt Guild monthly I did pick up another charity quilt kit.  This one is Boca Blocks a design that Lorna found and put together kits for.  It was really simple.  The fabrics were all provided, even the binding.  I did a search for just the right back and nothing was to be found in my stash.  This project's back is part of my searching for the week along with some leaf theme.

Last but not least, November's BOM from Sunshine Quilt Guild coordinated by Tanya Aloff.  The design is called Grandma Mae's Economy Block.  I had the gray fabric close at hand on my sewing table from another project.  With the swirlly design that matched the provided background not to mention the different color...perfect!

So I have been busy finishing and have lots to change my stash stats this week.

Used this week: 12.25 yards 
Used YTD: 177.5 yards 
Purchased this week: 1.5 yards 
Purchased YTD: 56 yards 
Net used in 2022: 121.5 yards

Design Wall Monday, November 7, 2022


This really cute Wild Blue Yonder quilt was worked on during the Fall Back Festival that took place yesterday at the Gaslamp District in Downtown San Diego.  It was used to demonstrate hand stitching a binding.  There was an interactive attraction that was tying a quilt, showing hand quilting, and offering chances on this year's Opportunity Quilt along with sharing Sunshine's Guild Membership, Lectures, and Workshop opportunities.  It was a fun time.

On my Design Wall is the third Keyhole project.  I like this combination of colors.  A beige binding is planned and the back will be the same cowboy theme flannel.

Also on my Design Wall are two Scattered Leaves projects.  The two are auditioning a border.  I think the second project wins this pumpkin border that was gifted to me from my Mom.

This basket has the makings of the fourth Keyhole project.  This will probably show itself on next week's Design Wall.

Tomorrow is Sunshine Quilt Guild's monthly meeting.  I have lots to take with me tomorrow.  The weather is supposed to be rain.  I sure hope it stops between 4pm and 9:30pm when I will be out on the road.  Have a great week =^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, November 6, 2022


This week the project from Kerry kept coming!  My Kandy arrived and so did a few others.

My hope is to get them done before Tuesday.

Today I'm sitting with Lorna at the Fall Feast in the Gaslamp District of San Diego.  We are showing hand sewing with an opportunity for interactive with tying a quilt.  I will be offering chances on Sunshine's Yearly Opportunity Quilt.  This is the first time in a couple of years that the Fall Feast takes place and a first for Sunshine to have a booth.  The three quilts pictured will be the hand sewing that I will be stitching.

I'm working hard on spinning the stash numbers with the second Keyhole project and the two Scattered Leaves projects.  Check in tomorrow to see these project in work =^.^=

Used this week: 0 yards 
Used YTD: 165.25 yards 
Purchased this week: 1.5 yards 
Purchased YTD: 54.5 yards 
Net used in 2022: 110.75 yards