Design Wall Monday, July 29, 2019

The top is together.  It finishes at 43" by 57".  Now it is time to calculate the outer border.
I really want to use this triangle design.  Right now the units are 3" unfinished.  What I need to figure out is if the triangle design can be made smaller or the string outer border be trimmed down so that it will fit.
I have upon the wall two border possibilities.  The triangle design which follow the flying geese design in the block.  Of course I could take the easy way which might be the best.  I'll be giving the triangle design a bit of thought...

Sunday Stash Report, July 28, 2019

Kreate is complete.  This one was a fabric challenge.  From the start I knew I wanted to use the Christine Graf 2012 FQ fabric bundle Sausalito from Quilting Treasures that was gifted to me a long time ago.  There were a lot of darks in the bundle, but coupled with black on white and primary colors it could be done.  Well, not quite so easy!

The design is called Happy Place by Swirly Girls.  Kerry and I took a class at Road to California this past year where we took the class.  It was a techniques class given by Swirly Girl herself Susan Emory.  One of the best takeaways from the class was the learning of the product Barely There (can be purchased at Swirly Girls).  It is a printable fusible web.  Kerry and I will both be using this product in the future.  It truly is barely there.

So for this week my stats can be changed.  Increase the yardage used and nothing purchased for this project that I'm happy to see finished.  It also happens to be a 2019 UFO =^.^^=

Come back and see progress on Sawtooth Flutter tomorrow!  Happy week ahead.

Used this week:  5 yards

Used YTD:  85 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  39.5 yards
Net used in 2019:  45.5 yards

Design Wall Monday, July 22, 2019

This is one of my favorite blocks.  I love the font and the background fabric.  
I have one block more to assemble that will go next to the purple spool of thread at the bottom.  I am seriously thinking to remake the nine-patch block.  It just sticks out way too much from the others.  Possibly a change from the green to the black/white check that is in the arrow block.  It reads darker than the whites that surround it and might just balance the use of the fabric from other parts of the top.  I also might change out the white scissors on the black background.  Why didn't the white in the scissors stand out as envisioned...but it is pretty clear it did not happen.  As I mentioned yesterday the trick with this project has been the fabrics.

Happy Place is a pattern by Swirly Girl Designs from a class taken at Road to California earlier this year.  Enjoy your week!

Sunday Stash Report, July 21, 2019

There are many block techniques which has made this a fun project.  The paper pieced Exclamation Points is the last block to make.  There are two of them.  Can you guess which one will be the background?
Selecting fabrics for Happy Place has been the biggest part of this project.  Do suggest a name if something comes to mind =^.^=

I have decided on Sawtooth Flutter's layout, but during my pondering I picked up Happy Place.  It is easy and was a good diversion in the border/sashing decision making.  You know how at times we overthink things!

This week nothing changes in either USED or PURCHASED.  Come back and see progress on Happy Place tomorrow!  Happy week ahead.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  80 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  39.5 yards
Net used in 2019:  40.5 yards

Design Wall Monday, July 15, 2019

Sawtooth Flutter 12 Blocks
Today is a real Design Wall experiment!  Are you ready to help?  I'm looking for the best sashing option (there are two) and the best border option (there are a bunch =^.^=).  Here we go...
Sashing 1
The small star could work, but not the larger one that is identical in size to the one in the block's center.  It would make for too large a sashing.  I didn't take a photo of Sashing 2.  It is vertical strings with a 2" red square at the unions.

Sashing 1 Border 1

Sashing 1 Border 2
Sashing 1 Border 3
Sashing 2 Border 1
Sashing 2 Border 2

Sashing 2 Border 3
Sashing 2 Border 2 corner needs something in the corner.  Sashing 2 Border 3 corner needs more options.  Maybe with any of these pieces (Sashing and/or Border) you have another option for me to try.  Anxious to hear your thoughts.

Enjoy your week!

Sunday Stash Report, July 14, 2019

I have two completely finished (except for the labels) projects to share with you.  First up is Knightley.  The pattern is Bonnie Hunter's Indgo-a-go-go.  Mine finished at 84" x 95".  It is a 2018 UFO.
Kika is the next one at 41" x 41".  This is a Pam Buda pattern, Rebecca's Needles.  It is a bonus pattern that comes with A Prairie Gathering (my project is called Kanton Kull).  The yardage from making A Prairie Gathering gives you enough to make this one too.  You know I couldn't resist to use up fabric!  It is also a 2018 UFO.

These two along with all my other projects can be found on my website if you have an interest.

Using up my stash is what I aspire to in each and every project that comes under my needle.  There are those times when purchases are a must, but for me everything (including my Mom's and Kerry's stash) comes from inventory first -^.^=

This week nothing changes in either USED or PURCHASED.  Sawtooth Flurry promises to change this in the next couple of weeks.  Come back and see progress on it tomorrow!  Happy week ahead.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  80 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  39.5 yards
Net used in 2019:  40.5 yards

Design Wall Monday, July 8, 2019

I have been busy working on my Sawtooth Flurry blocks.  Monday had me at four blocks finished.  As you can see there's more.  I asked the question of Quiltville's Open Studio on FB and have learned that a layout has not been designed for this block yet.  With my orphans in the same color scheme, there are four different arrangements, something will surface.  I tried the four patch units and as sashing and they are certainly not a go.  Way too busy!

So I'll keep on making the rest of the 12" finished blocks for now.  My next thought is to split or maybe even third the 3 1/2" vertical red string strips as sashing.  They will appear like a solid red.  Might be to harsh...we'll see.

Have a terrific week =^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, July 7, 2019

Klover is done now except for the label.  That will come when I have enough which is four ready to print.  Klover shows real well.  I had thought the binding would look better at an angle, but frankly I like that it is straight with the rest of the look of the project.
Sawtooth Flutter is a 2019 UFO.  One of Bonnie Hunter's designs.  I have the question out on the Quiltville's Open Studio to learn if anyone knows of a layout designed using the block pattern.  So far the answer is no :(!

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  80 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  39.5 yards
Net used in 2019:  40.5 yards

Nothing changes the numbers this week.  I've been binding and working in a block here and there.  Hope your week is wonderful =^.^=

Design Wall Monday, July 1, 2019

Time now to get a new project started!  Just love this time, seeing a new beginning to what has such promise of a great finish =^.^=.  This project doesn't have to be hurriedly assembled like the last two.  If you hadn't guessed this is a design from Bonnie Hunter.  It is called Sawtooth Flutter or block #1468 from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Volume 15, Summer 2017.
I plan to use all these orphan units in the project.  I don't know of any layout that Bonnie has shared to date.  I will be creating my own unless I can find something she's already created.  The orphans come from several of her project and parts of it even from a swap that I coordinated years ago.  There are 12 blocks already kitted up in the baggies shown at the back of the photo.  Just a few more neutral squares and rectangles along with the center red squares yet to cut; everything to sew these busy blocks together is at the ready.

Now that I have all 2018 UFOs is time to tackle 2019.  Hope you have a happy Patriotic Week.