Design Wall Monday, November 28, 2022


Oh Say...Can You Sew! Clue 7 is all cut and ready to sew.  I'm hoping there are 640 1" squares...  I will be sitting down and counting to make sure.  There is still more blues if I fall short.  That is a lot of 1" squares don't you think?

What's been extra great is that Chilhowie is using 1 1/2" strips too.  Anything less than 9 1/2" will be used in Chilhowie.  This is Part 1 that was out on Black Friday.  I'll be changing out the aqua for emerald green shades and the deeper oranges for a lighter orange.  The neutrals will be more towards the ivory side.  So a few tweaks in Bonnie's colors.

Nothing else happening in the sewing room but my projects!  The charity work for now is at a stay until I get to binding when Kerry has a chance to get some of the quilting done.  I know she's been working on one of her quilts where she is doing a custom design.  I have been asking much on the charity side from her =^.^= 

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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