Design Wall Monday, November 14, 2022

I am back to working on Autumn Love.  This is Week 4 Harvest Block.  There are four Harvest Blocks and this one is the first.  (The blue is part of the little design wall.  The actual block stops after the hash fabric.)

It is a bit blury, sorry.  This is another part of Week 4.  I have the heart stitched down now.
I have had these done for quite awhile now.  All three of these designs make up Week 4.  Now to get the Harves Blocks sewn together.  My project for this week =^.^=

Hope you are getting ready with recipes for next week.  Have a wonderful week ahead.

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Janet O. said...

Always so much going on in your sewing room!
I am hosting my children and their families--and possibly my husband's sister's family--yet to be determined for sure. We usually have had more, but COVID seemed to teach some people that they preferred staying home. :)