Design Wall Monday, January 24, 2022


Kyushu is on my Design Wall today...still.  As I mentioned yesterday I'm all in on Koastline.  Not sure when I'll get back to Kyushu.  I am not that far away from the end!

I got started on my Sunshine January BOM.  I thought it was a simple Log Cabin design, but no.  There is a specialty ruler by Creative Grids that sounds to be useful for multiple reasons, especially the making of this block.  I've ordered it from Fat Quarter Quilt Shop.  When it comes in I will get this block done.

I have also cut out the next two blocks for Karryon.  This one will be a red car.  DH will enjoy the accent on this car.

There are two quilts (Krafter and Katcher) ready for me to hand stitch the binding, sleeve, and label in place.  Oh just too much to do that I want done NOW=^.^=


Janet O. said...

You always get so much accomplished. And I just sit here and read about it. :)

Kerry's Quilting said...

There is a lot going on in your sewing room! Love how your Mystery is turning out. You will have to share about the new ruler when you get it.

Betty said...

Hope your new ruler is what you are expecting. You have a lot ready to complete on your table. You are related to the energetic bunny