Design Wall Monday, January 3, 2022

I have this on my sewing table; Sunshine's December 2021 BOM.  I've been busy with applique on Koastline (aka Michigan) and binding.  I have the smaller Kristmas Kollection Mini  (aka Vintage Christmas) project done.  Kumin (aka Cinnamon Spice) has yet to be started.  Part 3 of Kyushu (Rhododendron Trail) is also on my sewing table.  I love having so much to do!

As I mentioned there was a shipment from Fat Quarter Quilt Shop on its way.  It was in my mail box when I got home.  Four yards for the background of Kolonization (aka American Quilter's Stitch-Along) that is one of my 2022 UFOs.  I also picked up some more Aurfil threads in orange.

Well that's it for now.  I hope there is something fun going on in your sewing room =^.^=


Janet O. said...

You definitely have many fun things going on in YOUR sewing room! :)

Betty said...

You never stop, your like that engerize bunny. Love you