Design Wall Monday, January 10, 2022


Kumin is finished.  This one will look perfect on the back of my couch.  Kosmo and Kassy will enjoy it since they lay on the back of the couch.  Scott (my brother-in-law) came up with the appropriate name (aka Sonnet or Cinnamon Spice by Westwood Acres).

Now that the binding projects are done more applique work on Koastline is planned.  These are the last few leaves to put down on the first side.  Next comes the vine and stems that are tucked in the baggie at the top of the photo.  Koastline is the design Michigan by Laundry Basket Quilts.  If you are interested Laundry Basket Quilts has this now as a kit.

I have started Part 5 of Kyushu (aka Rhododendron Trail by Bonnie Hunter.  I might be lucky enough to get this part done and maybe get through the next two released parts before Friday...well maybe I'm dreaming =^.^=

Be safe out there.  Wear a mask and stay away from anyone sneezing.


Betty said...

Kumin (great name) lovely quilt. Would be a pleasure to show it off on the back
of your sofa. Very nice. Kyushu is coming along just great. You are really getting
some experience with doing applique. You will be catching up with the rest in no time.
Koastline is another special one.

Janet O. said...

Since I love to through cumin in several recipes, I really like the name of this quilt. It looks really warm and inviting, too.
You keep busy and always make such good progress. I like to see what you are doing when I am getting nothing done. ;)