Sunday Stash Report, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!  Here's a finish with a springtime flair :)  Kanary is all set for quilting!  I'm on track for being able to get this one to Texas for Cara's Baby Shower for Emma on April 24th.

Kerry is in town and we met up at Rosie's Calico Cupboard Quilt Shop on Friday.  I continued to drain my wallet.  I purchased a whole host of fabrics and a couple of goodies.  These two fabrics are for Kanary.  The top piece for the back and the bottom for the binding.  I didn't want a white fabric for either parts of the quilt because it is for an infant and needs to be forgiving.

Before I go into more purchases from my shopping spree with Kerry...  I treated myself to a new machine on Thursday.  The Phaff I had been using was a Professional 5.0.  I'd had it since 2015 and you know how much I sew.  It was definitely time, especially after a careless meeting of needle to point of a scissors.  This is the cremedelacreme of a quilters machine.  I need the insert to use in my Koala cabinet that is to be part of the deal along with the Professional 5.0 being a trade-in.  So for now I'm using the 5.0 and the ICON is waiting to start its time with me.

Back to my Rosie's spree...  Picked up a wide back (at 15% off) and the binding for my Kandy Katz project.  I will be putting cutting the stripe at a diagonal to keep the fun going with this project.

Friday is Rosie's special deal off FQs so these three came home with me to use in Winter Blues by Bonnie Hunter.  I'm just now starting the collection of fabrics for this project.

I need to get quite a bit more of the Secret Stash fabric collection by Laundry Basket Quilts to complete the fabric requirements for Secret Stash.  I've been adding in the neutrals to reach free shipping requirements for my online purchases.  There's two heading my way right now.  I'll be looking for a good deal on the FQ bundles of the Neutral and Warm colors.

This sweet neutral came home too.  There should be enough for a background.  My only fabric purchase enhancement that is just because :)

Earlier in the week I was excited to see a sample of this project called Hocus Pocus.  I found the kit on ETSY from Bella Rose Quilts at a great price.  I don't have it yet, but this is expected in during the week.  

I should also be receiving the backing for the tractor quilt and another of the patterns that use the All Hallow's Eve fabric collection called Pumpkin Trio.  And now I'm on the hunt for more of this fabric to make Witch's Night Out another using the All Hallow's Eve collection.  Yes I do like the collection =^.^=  So all said and done I have a fairly good size to report as used in Kanary and a huge size to claim as purchased.  As you can read though...there are plans to use it all with only one frivolous purchase.  

I'm away to the sewing room to make progress on my bunny project which is yet again a bit smaller than the original project for Greyson pictured above.  Koney 2 will be ready for my Easter 2022.  Hope your Easter basket is as full as mine has been this week!

Used this week: 11 yards 
Used YTD: 66.5 yards 
Purchased this week: 20.25 yards 
Purchased YTD: 93 yards 
Net used in 2021: -26.5 yards

I had a fabulous day with Kerry on Friday.  We shopped at Rosie's for several hours and enjoyed a lunch at the Brigantine.  She's here for visit and I'm so happy to have had part of it on Friday.

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Betty said...

Love your bunny, how cute Ute he is, Greyson will fall in love with it. Glad you had a super good time with Kerry. Excellent choices
On backs for your quilts.