Design Wall Monday, April 5, 2021

No this isn't something on my Design Wall :)  Just thought it was really funny...don't you agree?

Koney 2 is on my Design Wall...for real :).  It was fun working on my smaller bunny project yesterday between dinner preparation and dessert making or our Easter Feast.  I have the units sewn into rows.  All of this with my Professional 5.0.

The rows to rows and all beyond will be sewn with my new toy, Professional ICON.  Tomorrow I'll be taking my Kola insert to be sized to Paradise Sewing.  From this measurement Paradise Sewing will work with Kola to get me a new one going.  What you see now is not the final arrangement, but it will work for a time.  If it doesn't I can always put the 5.0 back and wait to use the ICON until the new insert is in my hands.  There is some learning ahead for me...just to wind a bobbin and thread the machine=^.^=  I think it is going to be a late dinner tonight!

3 comments: said...

Your bunny quilt is awesome. And a big wow ! On your brand new sewing machine, Beautiful

Janet O. said...

Is that supposed to be Puss 'n Boots? It is certainly a unique version! LOL
I am not familiar with the brand of your new machine, but it looks impressive.
Very cute bunny. :)

Maria said...

São miguel Arcanjo combatei rogai por nós, são José rogai por nós, mãe passa a frente de todas as minhas necessidades