Design Wall Monday, April 26, 2021


The start of Appalachian Autumn.  There will be 156 neutral/fall color and 156 gray/fall color HSTs.  68 of the neutral/fall color on the left.  19 of the gray/fall color on the right.  The Essential Triangle Tool by Bonnie Hunter makes cutting these 2 1/2" strips a piece of cake.  I have taken all of what you see from my strip stash in this size.  Next I plan to sort through the 3" strips for more of the appropriate colors.  Next it is from yardage stash.  There is a 5" square needed so pulling from yardage will be necessary.  I have already pulled the gray.  I am going for a light to medium gray.  My neutrals are creamy, but I did throw in a batik that is a bit darker.  Variety is everything!  Be thinking of a "K" name for my project...

I received two quilts today from Kerry's Quilting.  Kerry never disappoints me.  The first quilt is the John Deere tractor quilt with tractors in the quilting design done with a light green thread called Willow.  Oh my Violet's grandson is going to love getting a new tractor quilt to replace the one he lost.  Thanks again Mom, Dru, and Kerry for making this possible. 

The second is Koney 2 my bunny quilt with a carrot quilting design using bright light green thread.  The tail was stitched down a bit different and I like the result.  I will be sharing these again once the binding is done.

This piano key fell in the wrong spot on Kandy Katz and it is driving me KRAZY!  It must be replaced or I will be drawn to the duplication so close to the matching block every time I look at the project.  It is just one of those things that just needs to be corrected =^.^=  I am so very happy to have found it before it was sent to Kerry for quilting.

We had a rainy day in San Diego today.  Nice to have a change in the weather from time to time.  We really need the rain here as already the news is rumbling about a drought this year.  Take care everyone and enjoy the last week of April.


Janet O. said...

Always such a good feeling to get quilts back from the quilter.
I am trying to figure out what alignment you don't like on Kandy Katz. Since it is driving you crazy, you probably think I am crazy for not spotting it. :)

AnnetteJ said...

You have been a busy girl!! I can see why you had to be careful with your piano my border but what came about is wonderful. Cheers from Alberta😁