Design Wall Monday, December 5, 2016

Part 2 complete!  The constant looks nice against all these neutrals...I see a star in the making.
This is where I was on Friday.  Leaving me to finish the remaining 70 plus on Saturday.
I haven't taken the time to clip the tips.  Plan on waiting until I see how they fit together with the next unit.  They might come in handy with the next seams.

Krosscheck is coming along.  Here I am going through the steps of assembly.
These blocks are tiny (for me).  The nine patch consists of nine 1/2" finished squares.  They get "framed" then trimmed down to 3" squares.  There are 20 more to come.

I am linking up with both Judy and Bonnie today.  Krosscheck will be in work until the next mystery part is released on Friday.  Everyone enjoy your week =^.^=


Ramona said...

Your nine patch blocks are tiny for me, too! They look great, as do your mystery blocks.

Janet O. said...

Look at you go on that mystery! I would expect nothing less from you, though, Sandi! :)
I am loving those tiny Krosscheck blocks! Do you want to sell the pattern when you are finished with it? LOL No, forget I said that. I don't need another pattern or project!! : )

Feathers in my Nest said...

Beautiful, Beautiful fabrics!

Kate said...

You made quilt work of those triangle in a square blocks! Crosscheck is looking good, love those dark greens.

~Deb Lindley said...

Wow - you are making some nice progress and what marvey fabrics you've chosen for our En Provence Mystery...wonderful!