2016 At A Glance, December 31, 2016

There was a HUGE surprise awaiting me the evening before my holiday break from work started.  Both my parents greeted me to a chorus of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" as I entered my home.  Theirs was a visit planned way back in July to be with me and DH for Christmas and New Year's Day celebrations.  Throughout the year I put together numerous projects that numbered 18.  Ten projects await their turn in Kerry's Quilting queue as well as progress on 13 others.

I participated again this year with Patchwork Times counting the use and purchase of fabric.  I finished the year using 206 yards and purchased 132 yards.  The year had me busy making quilts of patterns collected in earlier years.  Many times this required fabrics that could pull my scraps together.  I must say there ended up being quite a few fantastic quilts with names like Karduus, Kloggs, and Knikknakk to name a few.

I attended one workshop at the beginning of the year at Road to California Quilter's Conference and Showcase where Kaffee Kisses came together.  Nothing was displayed at the show and the same will be true of the 2017 show.  There may be another of my projects entered in the future...don't think me giving up by any means.

Kaffee Kisses
My 2016 UFO goals have not yet been met.  Eleven of them are done with Kozy Korners still under the needle.  I am using my red, white, and blue stash along with two new purchased fabrics for this Patriotic quilt.  It will become a twin for my parents' guest room bed.  Kerry and I did set a lofty goal to finish three additional projects that we both have in common.  Turns out to have been too much for both of us.  Kalvery was completed and the other two, Konstitution and Kanton Kull, have become 2017 UFO goals.

Kozy Korners
Speaking of 2017 UFO goals, you can check mine out HERE.  I will be participating during the year showing monthly project accomplishments on Patchwork Times website along with 30+ others.  It hasn't been until recently that I had true UFOs, but this year all are but two (these two need names, hint hint...).  I am looking forward to finishing Kourageous and Kountry Kollection that have been blocks waiting a setting for much too long.
Kountry Kollection
Timing for the San Diego Quilt Show was not in my favor.  It comes at a time when I visit my parents.  This is the first year nothing from kwiltnkats was displayed.  Several of my quilts found new owners.  I surprised family and friends, some were given as donations, and others yet providing an opportunity for me to purchase more fabric.
Today has me at Part 5 of Bonnie Hunter's Winter Mystery, En Provence.  New Year's Day brought the reveal...oh my am I glad I have this one in work.

So I ask like last year, which "K" name is your favorite this past year?  My parade of finishes in 2016 for your viewing pleasure.

Krystal Kreek 1/16
Komatose 1/16
Kwill 2/16
Kristoff 2/16
Kurosity 2/16
Kommon Kongregation 3/16
Kannine Karnivores 4/16 (donation Lionel's Legacy 2nd Annual Surf'n'Paws)
Kontentment 4/16
Krystals 5/16
Konstellation and Krown 5/16
Kattastic 6/16 (sold)
Kissin' Korner 6/16
Katachaklaus 7/16
Kalvert Kliffs 9/16
Kayenne 10/16
Buh Boys 10/16 (gift)
Kookoo Katchu 11/16
Sunshine Bimonthly Nov/Dec 16 Opportunity Quilt 11/16 (donation Sunshine Quilt Guild)

I close this year with two projects under the needle.  I had a wonderful sewing year.  Thanks again for everyone who has helped me discover "K" names for my projects.  I know there are some that will need your help with in 2017.  Happy New Year!

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Jennifer said...

Happy New Year - its been fun to see all your progress and the fun names you come up with - congrats on completing so many!