Design Wall Monday, December 19, 2016

No sewing since Part 4 was released.  I managed this evening after work to cut the pieces and sew one unit before bedtime.  Plans are to get these sewn before the next Part is released.

Our Christmas dinner meal plan has been figured out.  We will have turkey this year and a traditional Southern style meal.  I will be getting groceries which include the turkey so that it can start the thaw in the refrigerator.  I'll share more of the menu with you when Part 4 is complete.

Linking in with both Judy and Bonnie today.  Will be updating my post with Part 4 a bit later this week.

Update - Part 4 Complete on 12/21/16 just before bedtime =^.^=


Sandra Walker said...

I so want to do this, but a few other items are on my 'must-do' list, but I'm downloading the PDFs and enjoying seeing everyone's work...nice colours here!

Janet O. said...

I have to admit that I was a little surprised that you didn't have clue 4 all sewn up already. LOL
But even you (who seem to assemble quilts at lightening speed) have holiday stuff to do. : )
Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Betty said...

OH My!!!!! I do love those purples, so rich and bright. I am surprised as well with Janet, I would have bet money on you having them all done, lol Love that Southern style dinner, I don't know what Karen will have, I am bringing the desert.

englishquilter said...

If you don't get them done before Christmas you'll have something to look forward to afterwards! Have a good one !

Amy said...

Hi Sandy,
I am doing the mystery too, I am on the linkup as Amy in San Diego. Wonder how many other quilters in our area are working on it?