Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Krazy Krones under construction
 And now there are four witches.  In the pizza box to be sewn up next is witch 5!

These are the three quilts that I finished binding during my vacation to the East Coast.  Krazy Kattle was my project on the plane ride.  Knautical and Kubicles were done at my parents home.  I suppose I should have kept one of them for the plane ride home...
Krazy Kattle
You can see all of my finishes at my website


Betty said...

Darling witches. Your Krazy Kattle was a hit on the east coast, I bet this one will be as well. Knautical and Kubicles are very nice.

Janet O. said...

All of your quilts are wonderful, but the Krones and Kattle quilts really make me smile. They are so fun, and so different from anything I do (I guess you could translate that to mean I don't do anything fun).
That was a lot of quiltage to pack along. Did you feel like Bonnie traveling with her quilt duffels? : )

Kathie said...

Love the witches, very cute.