Sunday Stash Report, September 24, 2023


These came on Friday from Kerry.  There are five small quilts starting with Kianti, Kaper, Kortland, Karess, and finally the project I created with Jennifer's stash.  I will be working to get the binding on them and finish up with the binding, sleeve, and label.  Of course I will share a frontal photo of each once complete.  This won't keep me busy too long since the largest is just 33" x 33". 

Popstar is all finished by me.  The next steps will be taken by Mom's quilting sisters in Maryland.  I have to get a back for it yet that will happen sometime this week.  The binding is all set for the full project to be a charity quilt for a veteran in Mom's area.

These are the fabrics I will be using for the samples of the Sunshine BOM to be presented in October.  We will use the Popstar block design on this time with Halloween themed fabrics.  There will be the option for a green star with an orange background OR an orange star with a green background.  The shadow will always be a black on black OR gray on black (no white on black).  You will only need a 5" WOF of each of the fabrics you choose making only one block.

I also received the Sunshine BOM presented in September that Kathy is coordinating.  I will be working on this one later today after seeing what the Chargers have in store for us on game day.

During the week the Cat on the Broomstick and the Bubbling Cauldron blocks were finished.  Only two block designs remain.  Check out tomorrow's post to see what they are and probably what they look like finished.  I am anxious to have this one to Kerry so it is back in time to display this year in my home.

I am finally over COVID; testing negative on Tuesday.  I worked remote on Wednesday and then at the office on Thursday.  I had taken a break from exercise since I was isolating.  It felt good to be out and about walking in my new Hoka shoes when I started back on Wednesday evening.  DH felt better too from his surgery on Tuesday so both of us in our Hokas headed down to Harbor Island where we like to walk from the Lighthouse to Island Prime and back.  It was a beautiful, cool windy day.  We saw the HMS Surprise cruise into the harbor from an earlier open sea jaunt.  After our walk we changed gear and had a nice lunch at the Lighthouse.

I'll take credit for stash usage with Popstar this week.  It was fun to make.  Hope your week ahead is full of things you enjoy doing.  See the Sun Bonnet Sue cross stitch project, cross stitching portion, all done along with progress on Kauldron tomorrow.  Take care my friends.

Used this week: 6 yards 
Used YTD: 130.25 yards 
Purchased this week: 3 yards 
Purchased YTD: 63.5 yards
Net used in 2023: 66.75 yards

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