Design Wall Monday, July 19, 2021


Jovial is on the Design Wall.  Yes it looks like a chunk is missing in the bottom right corner, but seams between all the units is not complete.  It is likely that I won't need to cut into more of the border yardage...we shall see.  I always find it amazing how much fabric is taken up in the seams alone.

Yesterday I shared the pattern and fabrics planned for the 2021 UFO #7 project, but changed directions a bit.  I decided against the gray fabric and went for the light blue.  I also added in a second green.  The gray would have worked along with the border, but gray in a Christmas setting just didn't seem to work in my head.

My version of Jovial is smaller because I made as much as possible with the background fabric I had.  Hated to see this fabric finish from my stash.  It is from Laundry Basket Quilts and I could have gotten more, but NO!  Trying to use it up, not get more.  I can see a finish coming to post next Sunday.  YIPPEE!
The trees and pinwheels are dimensional...oh Kerry is going to love me :) when she goes to quilt it...  Yes just below the Jovial units is the backside of Mistletoe.  Mistletoe is waiting for more applique to be placed for stitching.

I have a car service and smog on Wednesday along with a lunch date on Friday.  Friday is also a big day for Matt (Greyson's dad) and Matt's dad as they go for the kidney transplant needed by Matt.  Friday is also my sister-in-laws birthday.  Keep Matt and his dad in your thoughts on Friday.  Have a wonderful week =^.^=

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Betty said...

You are really moving on with your new “Jovial” quilt. Sounds interesting to have the trees and pinwheels
Praying hard for Matt and Tom.