Design Wall Monday, July 5, 2021


This is the center unit of Mistletoe.  (It is actually square.)  I have ended Monday with this much finished since beginning on the applique stitching Friday.  Most of the progress has been done today.  As you can see all eight vines are in place and one vine set is completely done; the one in the middle on the left.  The corner and bottom sets need another berry.  I have red berries to add in these two units.  Yes, you do see a pink berry in the top right.  I had enough pink thread on my needle so why waste it?
This is where I was at the end of Friday.  It was a work day for me so besides setting the vines up in the places they should be stitched down, little more was done.

Saturday morning we left early to visit our friends Chris and Rebecca.  They have a lovely home in Idyllwild that is just a couple of hours away north and east of San Diego.  It is a little town with all kinds of cute shops and eateries.  Very touristy so a busy place the holiday weekend certainly.  We did stroll around town and picked up sandwiches for lunch, but that was it for being in town.
This is the same photo of the center as the first one.  Kassy's toes...  I will be spending my sewing time with applique this week.  It is a short work week for me; today being a holiday and Friday being an off Friday.  Just three days this week!

Enjoy how you spend your week =^.^=


Betty said...

Looking good, hope you like your new way of doing your appliqué?

kwiltnkats said...

I'm liking so far. It really holds on tightly to the fabric. I was a bit concerned about this. I'll be using this process on the blue quilt too,