Sunday Stash Report, June 13, 2021


During the week the final two fabrics that I have been waiting to arrive were delivered.  These will get me finished with the basic top and along with another fabric that came in a week ago get me through the final borders.

In the meantime I've been working on Mistletoe's Ohio Star blocks.  I have 80 of them done now with another 20 to go.  These do go fast and it is sort of mindless sewing.  I just need to make sure my star points don't get lost.

I have also been cutting the blocks for Vintage Christmas.  I have Months 2 thru 6 ready to sew.  Month 7 which arrived this week is waiting for that time between dinner prep and dinner serve to be cut.  Each month there have been six blocks.  I've noticed some deviation from the fabrics received and what is pictured in the instruction.  The fabrics received are the same color family, but a different print.  Not excited by this, but there is little choice on my part.  Don't get me wrong the substitutions aren't that bad.

I also received my monthly American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  It had a quilt project that I wanted to make, Blue and White Delight.  I swiftly purchased one of the blue fabric suggestions, Annabella Blue Star Flower.   Will wait on the white solid fabric until a good sale.  It finds a spot in the queue for making.

So there is some to add this week and more in the negative (red) to Net Used.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD: 102.25 yards 
Purchased this week: 4 yards 
Purchased YTD: 148.5 yards 
Net used in 2021:  -46.25 yards

Have a wonderful week =^.^=

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