Design Wall Monday, June 21, 2021


I am back to working on Michigan (Laundry Basket Quilts Mystery Quilt 2021).  It might not look much different than you last saw, but the blocks are now sewn into rows.  Rows will be next.

There are some piecing of more blocks to be done.  I finished the four corner units.  68 units to piece will finish the piece work.  This is the part my needle is working hard on =^.^=

Next up after the center top has the rows sewn together will be a solid neutral 4 1/2" first border.  This is where all the applique will go.  I am going to try out a new to me method of applique using Avery full sheet label paper.  Most of the scraps you see pictured will be for the large and medium size circles.  The stem and the three leaves ot the right of the stem will be in medium and dark blues.  I may use the bias maker for the stem since I want one continuous unit on each side.

I'm anxious to get this project into a quilt top so that the applique can commence!

Enjoy your last week of June!


Janet O. said...

Wow--that is a visual treat! The design is very pleasing and unexpected. Nice work, and I'll be interested to hear what you have to say about the new applique method.

Betty said...

Michigan is a beautiful quilt, love the pattern and colors, you need more beds in your home to display all your beautiful quilts. Too many in the closets not being enjoyed.
I hope you find your method of applique pleasing.