Design Wall Monday, June 7, 2021


I am back to working on Vintage Christmas.  These monthly packages "pack" a lot of cutting time.  I started around 9am and didn't finish the six blocks of Month 2 until 1pm.  No breaks in between!  I have six months worth and only now working on Month 2.  Month 7 is on its way so I am inspired to get up-to-date.

This is just a reminder of the six blocks of Month 1.  I will share with you the blocks of Month 2 as soon as I can stitch them up.
Here is the finished project that I am working towards.  

Hoping the rest of my Michigan project arrive today!  

I have a few fun things to look forward to this week.  Our first Sunshine Quilt Guild physical gathering on Tuesday night.  It is a bring your own dinner and lawn chair night.  It is also the night when the 2020-2021 Opportunity Quilt Winner will be drawn.  My next fun thing is on Friday having lunch with friends I haven't seen in quite sometime.  Finally, spending time with family in Riverside for the day on Saturday to celebrate one of three family birthdays that takes place on the 11th.  Wish I could be in Florida to celebrate with my brother and Virginia doing a happy dance with my nephew.  June is the biggest month of family birthdays.

Have a wonderful week ahead.  


Kerry's Quilting said...

Yes, lots of cutting for these blocks, but they are so cute and pretty fun to put together. I am almost caught up- 3 more to go for month 6. Also awaiting month 7.

Betty said...

Yes, June is a busy and special month. So much going on. I love it though.