Design Wall Monday, March 29, 2021

Sunny Side Up sewing is on a fast track to finish looked like this after Sunday.  You can notice that the low volume 9-patch blocks have started.  The three unit pieces are lined up for mixing and matching.

This is what I have left to assemble.  One of each to keep the fabrics moving across the project.

I have to sew a few more strip sets together and cut some 3" squares to finish the project.  Variety scattered about throughout. 
You can see that it goes fast!  Are you ready to hear what I have decided on a name for Emma's quilt?  It will be Kanary since it is so yellow!  If you look close notice how it is setting up on the outsides that will be cut straight.  There's going to be lots of low volume scraps for a next project.

Kerry is coming for a visit later this week.  We are meeting up at Rosie's!  Expect a rise in my stash on Sunday.  My Phaff goes for a service on Thursday.  Anxious to hear her purr...  Spring has definitely sprung in San Diego.  Enjoy the rest of your week.  

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Janet O. said...

What a sunny, happy quilt. Kanary is a great name for it, too!
Enjoy your stash enhancement with Kerry. :)