Design Wall Monday, March 21, 2021


Just the very beginnings of Sunny Side Up.  It is a pattern by Westwood Studios.  This project will be for Emma the first born of Cara and Brian.  Cara is the youngest of two daughters of my long time friend Charmagne.  I am pressed to get this special gift done in time for delivery in Texas by April 24th.  There is a virtual baby shower that day =^.^=

These are all ready to trim down to size.  All these HSTs are to be trimmed down before the bear paw piecing can go further.  I will be using my Bloc Loc tool for accomplishing this task.  Anyone notice the tool that is green in the photo?  This is a gift from Kerry that uses your used 45' blades.  It is called a BladeSaver Thread Cutter by Purple Hobbies LLC.  I've had it for a little while and this is its first use.  Kerry loves hers and I'm starting to feel the same about it.  Hope to have lots of progress this week to get this project finished and in the hands of Kerry, back to me, and off to Texas.

These are Bunch O Carrots made as table runner decoration to match the Springtime Bunnies table runner that Mom is to receive soon.  I received the table runner today from Kerry.  Darn cute how it quilted out and funny how the quilting design used is called Spring Time Fun.  Karota is the name of the table runner project that it has been given.  It was coined after a wild carrot that is called Daucus-carota.  I will have photos of the two projects in front of you after binding and label are complete.  Another project on my list to accomplish this week and get in the mail off to Maryland.

The third project to finish this week is Koney.  That adorable bunny quilt made for Greyson.  If you search on coney you will learn that it once was associated to rabbit fur.  This project has my kitties interested in the bunny tail.  I used a textured fabric that is fluffy.  Greyson really likes the touchy things.  Photo for you once the binding, label, and sleeve are in place.  Koney will go to Virginia real soon.

Okay my friends it is time for you to help me name Sunny Side Up!  My yellow fabrics are a bit more mellow than a Sunny Side Up fried egg!  Take care and have a great week =^.^=

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Janet O. said...

Many good things happening here.
My brain is so overtaxed right now I can barely remember my own name, let alone think up something for a quilt. :)