Design Wall Monday, March 1, 2021

Star Struck by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilts is done.  There was a little confusion in the cutting that became obvious during the YouTube tutorial.  Tanya's instructions say to cut 32 - 2 1/2" x 8 1/2" strips and a photo showing what I took to be all cut on the right side of the strip at a 45' angle.  All my fabrics were right side up when I cut.  Turns out the need was 16 cut on the right side and 16 cut on the left side.  In the end there will be two Star Struck charity quilts =^.^=  All good!  Just be careful if you only have enough of the rest of the fabric needed for just one quilt.  (I've already started on the second one!)

Here is what I have to finish sewing for the back with a bit of rearranging the red WOF strips and then it will be off to Kerry for some fancy quilting! 

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Janet O. said...

Well, making two charity quilts is a way to turn a "boo-boo" into a "positive".
How large is the quilt when it is all finished? I haven't seen this pattern, but it looks like a good pattern for a donation quilt.