Design Wall Monday, March 15, 2021


Let me start today with the next project to work.  This one is called Sunny Side Up by Amanda Woodruff of  These are all the fabrics that will make it into the quilt.  It is a gift for the first child of Cara and Brian.  Cara is the younger of two daughters of my long time friend Charmagne.  Emma Blaire will be the darling's name.

This is a likeness of what my project will look like.  The Baby Shower is scheduled in late April in Texas.  Piece of cake!

The other project I have pulled out to finish is Candy Cats.  I had been waiting on the perfect sashing fabric, but wait no more.  The gray sort of weave looking fabric is just what I was looking for.  I am 100% satisfied.  There is a bit of a change to the layout than what you see on my Design Wall.  I will be making my project a rectangle versus a square.  There will be five blocks across and six blocks down.  The finish will be a 4" wide piano key multi fabric border.  I'm thinking the strips will be 2".  I will probably get through the sashing and inner border than put this aside for the Sunny Side Up project.

Happy St. Patrick's Day week!

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