Design Wall Monday, March 8, 2021


Isn't the bunny cute?  Completed the applique stems and leaves in the afternoon yesterday Next attached the textured tail and outer border.  

Selected a light purple from my stash for the back.  This fabric is what is left from the Princess quilt made awhile back.  It is perfect for the project.  This one is ready for mailing to Kerry's Quilting for more magic!  Greyson will love the textured tail =^.^=

Next project is another with bunnies.  Springtime Bunnies table runner is sold out everywhere.  I've been asked to sell the pattern, but it isn't mine to sell.  Mom will get this when it is done.  Hopefully that will be not too long after her St. Patrick's Day table runner needs changing.  It should go fast once the pieces are all cut.

Have a wonderful week.

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Betty said...

Oh my, what a darling bunny. Greyson will fall in love with it. Goodie, goodie, another great table runner in store for me. I know I will love it.