Sunday Stash Report, October 30, 2016

This week a finish to report.  Love these weeks to be able to say this =^.^=.  The camera doesn't give Karduus enough credit.  The colors don't seem to ring true no matter what time of day I try.  Next is a closeup that might give you a better look.  The solid blocks above don't really look as much out of place when you see it first hand.  Perhaps this closer shot will help convince you.  The darker part in the top left is my shadow :)....

Those that know me realize I don't slow down in my sewing.  From the light shades of Karduus to the bright bolds of Knikknakk which I might add most of you know me to work with.  Suppose I don't disappoint.

This is Block 1 of Hopscotch by Janelle Noack of Country Matters.  There are nine blocks with the entire project finishing 70" x 70".  I won the set of 10 BOM patterns during the 2012 100 Block Quiltmaker Blog Hop.  Janelle is from Australia and had a block featured in that issue.  These are the fabrics I will be using.

I may get another red, orange, and yellow but then perhaps I will make myself use what I have.  Most of these fabrics came from Rosie's.  The yellow/green/star stripe on the left will also be used for the back.  I found it in the sale should go in there, you never know what might work out for the markdown prices.

Want to get into my sewing room to work on Block 2.  The laundry is working and football is about to start.  Enjoy week 45 of 2016!  Be good to the Trick or Treaters and turn off the lights at 8pm...all the little ones should be tucked in bed by then :).

Used this week: 13 yards
Used YTD:  183 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  123.25 yards
Net used in 2016:  59.75 yards

There are more quilters using up their fabrics.  See what else is going on through the links that Judy has on her blog.


Nancy J said...

I agree with little ones who should be safely at home, I cannot ever understand how parents could let littlies go out on their own and go to unknown places. Love those blocks, the close=up is so much better to give an idea of the placements of the colours.Super new fabrics too. Enjoy your week.

Betty said...

very nice, really like the colors that you picked out. Seems like there is never an end to your stash. Hopscotch will be a bright one after working on Karduus. At leaset you have Friday to look forward to, being home for the day.

Dar said...

Your new finish is a keeper. I love 9 patch blocks. I'm impressed at how much you have used this year. I had lofty goals to use as much as you, but somewhere along the line, I got lost. I'll be happy with half that.

Janet O. said...

Even though you don't think the photos do it justice, I really like Karduus!
No, Sandi, you never do disappoint!