Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Last night Konstituent Block 9 pieces were cut out and arranged.  I hope to select fabrics and cut out a block a night through Friday then get to sewing.  What is your thoughts on the stripe?  I have enough to play around a bit so I'm thinking the stripes need to all go the same direction or maybe I cut the fabric to have them radiate from the center.  May move the yellow print around so that the corners have a little bit more black in them.  The yellow seems to diminish the corner squares.  Thoughts?
The mail brought me two packages on Monday.  First is The Buggy Barn book Stir Crazy that I need for my Bunny Trails project...Kottontails.  I sure was happy to see it arrive before class day on March 11th.  I like another pattern in the book called Winter Blooms and then there is the Tree Skirt...  I can see this book will get some use in the future.  Don't you just love it when a book of patterns brings more than one project to you?  I got the book on Amazon for half the cost.

Mom sent me some red scraps that might find a place in Kranberries.  I'm pretty much set with what I think I'll need, but the Charlie Brown and Dog prints may just have to be included in the string border.

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bettysewnsew1@gmail.com said...

Think your stripes would look great if they radiate from the center, I am sure it would take more fabric, but would make the middle really pop. Glad that your book arrived and you are pleased with your purchase.