Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Konstituent Block 2 is cut and on my design wall.  Took some creative cutting to have all the flying geese fabric going the direction that I desired.  Don't they look like fish scales?
I changed the direction of the stripes on Block 9.  I definitely like them better radiating away from the center square.  (first layout)
This is what I have so far.  Frankly I'm going crazy that these Blocks aren't all lined, but it's just too late tonight to rearrange.  The third block to assemble is getting a little easier to figure out fabric placement.  Do you see the commonality between them other than they are all in the same fabric colors?  Hope I can keep this trend going with the remaining designs.


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Janet O. said...

I think the fussy cutting you have done is well worth it. The blocks each have movement and focus. Good job!
Commonality--hmmm--they all have black centers--they all seem to radiate outward (is that more the pattern or your fabric placement?), and yellow seems to be the accent color rather than dominant in each. To what were you referring?