Design Wall Monday, March 3, 2014

I started off Sunday working on Kranberries.  All of the 2 1/2" squares have been marked with the diagonal line; ready for sewing.  I have a lot of partial Flying Geese ready for finger pressing towards the red.  See that stack on the bottom top right side?  Lots and lots of Flying Geese in this project.  I cut a few of the 5 1/2" strings and attached to the odd size 9-patches.  Besides what I can get in during my lunchtime this project will slow down until March 2014 UFO is done.

Just when the Oscar's Red Carpet started I turned to fabric selection for Kottontails.  The pieces on the left will be the back and border.  On the right are the bunny blocks.  I will be using 3 yellows, 2 greens, 3 pinks, and a purple.  The purple is the only solid fabric...might change this if something printy comes along between now and workshop date.  The other requirements are buttons and wool for applique eggs, but they won't be needed for awhile yet.

After dinner and kitchen clean up, over the Netflix movie The Lone Ranger, pieces were cut for the first of 12 blocks for Konstituent.  This block pattern is for Month Three called Picture Window.  It took a bit of auditioning until these fabrics were arranged that I liked.  
Konstituent Block 3
Picture Window
As you can see from the photograph below the yellow is not prominent, but scattered about creating the "pop" that these black, white, and gray prints will need.  The yardage on the top left will be used for sashing, binding, and/or back.

Hope you are being creative with your fabrics.  See other projects going on in sewing rooms around the globe at Patchwork Times.  Happy sewing...


Kathie said...

As always it amazes me how much you get done. You mentioned lunch time, do you take a sewing machine to work? Now that would be a fun workplace.

Sylvia said...

Love the red blocks! It is nice how you squeeze in sewing time into your day!

Janet O. said...

You have a great selection of fabrics for your bunnies!
I think you really nailed it with your fabric placement on the black/white block. It is very eye-catching!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Looking good! Kranberries especially caught my eye. It's going to be gorgeous.