Design Wall Monday, February 12, 2024


This is a UFO, Story Books Quilt, that I have been working on this past week.  The purchase I made on Saturday of more background fabric (top right) will allow me to finish five more "books".  I have four ready to assemble (bottom left) and one more (top left) to find "book" fabric.  These five books will finish a second Story Books Quilt project.  That is as far as the books go.

Now I am starting to play around with how to put these books together.  I had fabric enough left over from Korbett that has potential.  I felt the sashing might be to wide.

I cut it down an inch stood back and decided the sashing was too bold for the project.

Instead I decided the books should float.  I may or may not use the solid teal for an outer border.  If not an outer border definitely the binding.

When the last five block are assembled I may change them around to spread out the colors of the books between the two projects.  Perhaps I will know what to look for in my stash with the last book fabric decision.  Stay tuned...this project that turned into two is on its way to a finish =^.^=  Oh, any ideas for project names?  Enjoy your Valentine's Day.

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Janet O. said...

I do like your decision to let the books float!