Design Wall Monday, December 25, 2023

The reason for our 99 cent for three month Peacock App purchase played out Saturday evening watching the LA Chargers a-l-m-o-s-t win against the Buffalo Bills.  Frankly, we were not surprised by the outcome.  The Chargers have to turn around with a change in the coaching staff and the return of our quarterback and all the other first string players hurt and sitting on the bench.

During the game I started cutting out Sew Gifted from Fat Quarter Quilt Shop 2022 Jolly Box.  I picked up both the background and the backing during Sunshine Quilt Guild's 2023 Quilt Retreat.  I didn't want to use the suggested turquoise background.  This green check fits my decor better.  I will probably use a red for the binding.  I will be sewing this fast project up during the week and look forward to having it for Christmas next year.  (For those following, I will get to the Halloween project Scary Faces...seems there is always something moving this back...that's why it is a UFO more than likely.)

Today I am cooking a turkey and all the trimmings for a meal for two.  We like a good moist turkey and it is taking up too much space in the freezer!  There are gifts to unwrap and telephone calls to make while the turkey bakes.  Perhaps a pumpkin pie...

Hoping your Christmas is as special as your friendship is to me.  Merry Christmas all!

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Betty said...

Chargers and the Commanders should play each other, their ratings are so close to each other.
Oh well maybe next year, lol