Design Wall Monday, December 11, 2023


Sunbonnet Babies has been cut into 9" squares.  The recipe calls for 3/8" seams!  I guess the kit can be considered "vintage".  Funny enough the recipe didn't lay out instruction for the inner border as it is shown on the cover, but I wanted that look.  The pieces for the blocks were cut just shy of 2" to account a bit for the suggested seams.  The important part is to sew over the blue stamped guide lines that are around each block.  The blue stamped "x" are covered by the floss.  According to the recipe the blue should wash out.  No ironing or the blue is sealed.  Suits me fine as my finger pressing is usually my preferred method LOL.

The multi-colored white strips will be the sashing and outer borders.  This one is getting close to a completion.  I am not sure it will be done before the end of the year.  If it does it will need to be replaced from the 2024 UFO List which is where it currently stands.  Katerskill is going to finish!

I have the Sunshine Quilt Guild Meeting on Tuesday.  Anxious to find out the end result of our craft booth time at Crest Community Center's Craft Fair.  This is also our holiday meeting with all kinds of fun food.  Too bad I am on a restricted diet for a procedure on Thursday :(  I am bringing a pineapple upside down bundt cake for all to enjoy.  I plan to sneak a piece for after the procedure.  It smells and looks awesome!  I will share the fun events that are planned for this year's holiday meeting!


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Nancy J said...

They are lovely, the green a perfect shade to go round the blocks.