Design Wall Monday, December 14, 2020


Forever in Blue Jeans has been sitting collecting dust since probably 2014.  I had the jeans, the print, and the batting cut up into squares.  Did a little bit of stitching and something else must have drawn my attention away.  This is something I don't usually go towards.  I have sewn with used jeans several times.  The issue with this project was quilting as you go.  Under each of the print squares is the batting which is the part I am not crazy about.  Maybe this is why I find myself with a Ziplock bag collecting dust!  A friend, Darlene, was looking for used jeans that I was happy to provide (thanks to a coworker, Marco, who gives me all of his).  Anyway scavenging around for jeans to gift to Darlene I stumbled upon Forever in Blue Jeans deciding to dust it off and finish it =^.^=  Be prepared friends that I might need some encouragement to get this one done.

Coffee Break by Karla Alexander of Cut Loose Press is the designer of this table runner that will be an everyday one for Mom's table.  I have some scraps that have been set aside for it's making.  You might remember the Christmas Tree table runners I made as gifts last year this time.  This pattern uses the same Creative Grids Spider Web ruler.  It is the 2020 - 2021 Sunshine Quilt Guild UFO Challenge #7 that needs to be done before our January meeting.


Kerry's Quilting said...

The cups are fun to make! I remember the denim project, and it looks like you have a good head start.

Janet O. said...

I have not seen that design in denim before. I will stand by with pom-poms to be a cheerleader of encouragement. LOL

Andee Neff said...

Love the coffee runner! I am planning to make Lori Holt's which is similar soon...pattern is on the way to me!