Design Wall Monday, December 7, 2020


I worked in the yard most of Sunday, but did have enough time to sort out what three fabrics should go together for the 14 sets of parts to be made by me for Part 2 of Grassy Creek 2020 Winter Mystery by Bonnie Hunter.  My project called Krooked Kreek.  This is a 2021 UFO project.  I should have time to get back to this on Wednesday.  Tuesday happens to be the monthly guild meeting with Sunshine on ZOOM.  I have two sets cut (top 1 1/2" strips).  Left over fabric from these sets is at the left.  What is yet to cut is at the right.

Spooky Friends (looking for a "K" name) is all ready to go.  The three pumpkins are a very simple paper pieced block with applique eyes, nose, and mouth.  The two cats are pieced along with all the rest of the project.  This is on my 2021 UFO draft list.  It might get replaced if I finish before 2020 is out.

This is Kweens all finished at 24" x 32".  It is a 2020 UFO that is a design by Myra Mah called Starburst Strings.  I have few Valentines projects to display; now I have one more.  It can also double for Christmas =^.^=  Kerry's Quilting used Heart Throb and red thread for the quilting.

This is Karefree all finished at 25" x 30".  It is also a 2020 UFO that is a design by Pam Buda called Prairie Winds.  My very first Mardi Gras project to display.  Kerry's Quilting used Charm Bracelet and white thread for the quilting.

Time to sit down and sew!  Enjoy your first week of December.


Betty said...

Really like Kweens, the red and white are vey striking. So special.
Karefree is perfect. Really nice.

Janet O. said...

Love your small finishes!
Good luck with a K name on your Spooky Friends. Kurious Kompanions was the only thing that came to my mind.