Design Wall Monday, February 25, 2019

I tried to get this done today, but just wasn't meant to be.  After cutting the inner border and putting it on, next came the outer border.  It was already going on 20 minutes past my time to hit the sack...  I'm so excited everything fit just perfect.  Kilkenny Kat will be traveling to Kerry's for thread, quilting design, and quilting next time we are together.  Another 2018 UFO complete!

These are the Old Italian Blocks ("X" Blocks) that have been turned in so far from Sunshine Quilt Guild members.  There are 61 so far with the rest expected to be turned in at the March meeting on the 13th.  I am coordinating the 2019-2020 Sunshine Opportunity Quilt.  It is a design by Kim Diehl called Warm Wishes.  We switched it up a bit adding wool for the applique parts.  It promises to be fabulous.  Chances will be available in September. 

Anxious to get back to the purple rope pet bed that I started on Saturday.  With Kilkenny Kat nearly finished I will be seeing purple soon =^.^=

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Janet O. said...

Kilkenny Kat looks wonderful! You may have finished it by the time I am commenting. Must feel good to be so productive!
Look forward to seeing those X blocks come together into a great opportunity quilt!