Design Wall Monday, November 19, 2018

My new project.  Just love the blues and aquas in this one.  Any ideas on a "K" name?

Bonnie Hunter created the design she calls Straits of Mackinac.  I learned that this is one of the designs she has published in the soon to be available String Frenzy.  The book is due out in December.

These are the neutrals along with the blue and aqua fabrics that I am cutting.  I am excited to only have one white on white among the neutrals.  All of the others are novelty neutrals.

After Sunday's sewing this was all that was left to make more units

This is the border.  Fun way to finish off the string triangle in a square blocks.  I think I will have the String Frenzy in hand when the time comes to need it.  For now the main blocks are enough to keep me stitching!


Betty said...

Oh my, so nice love the colors, I don’t remember you making anything in these color, it will be lovely.g

Janet O. said...

Oh, it is a pretty palette!
You should have a tab that shows all the K names you have already used. Everything that comes to mind when I look at this quilt is something I am pretty sure you have already used.