Sunday Stash Report, December 27, 2015

I had Part 4 of Bonnie Hunter's 2015 Winter Mystery Allietare done on Christmas Night.  I watched a couple Christmas Movies and DH preferred to watch basketball.  My sewing room was calling to me...  I was anxious to have this Part done before Saturday's release of Part 5 which I started assembling the previously sewn units and cut pieces for putting it together.  Today I will be sewing Part 5!

This being the last of the Stash Reports for 2015 I'm going out with a bang!  An unfortunate closing of a quilt shop in Richmond created an opportunity to use up a $60. gift card in a hurry.

You might recall in June I gifted my niece with a Brother sewing machine and three private sewing lessons.  She has been using the machine, but her schedule didn't yet allow her the time to take the sewing lessons.  With FaceTime I went shopping across some 3,000 miles using the gift card before the store's closing.  Honestly with what she's been sewing I'm not sure she needs the lessons. Her latest project, two mermaid sleep sacks commissioned by a friend for Santa gifts.  

These two pieces of fabric were under the Christmas tree.  Aren't those cats the cutest?  The white piece is five yards large and will be very useful in future projects.

These quilty items were also gifted me.  You can see Judy Niemeyer will be coming into my sewing room again soon.

Krates is finished completely now, but yardage has been claimed earlier.  So here are how my stats ended in 2015.  I'm pleased!  Hope to do similar or better in 2016.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  251.5 yards
Purchased this week:  9.5 yards
Purchased YTD:  196
Net Fabric Used in 2015:  55.5 yards

Check out how others used their stash in 2015 today at Patchwork Times.


Nancy J said...

cat fabric, an unpicker that looks so pretty, more goodies and a pattern too, lovely for you. I will catch up with what I have done with all my batiks very soon.Meantime, time to rest and relax after Christmas Day, down here madness on Boxing Day with huge sales everywhere... Not quilting fabric though.. Our family have stayed and have left, I'm off to bed.

Jennifer said...

That's a great year!

Betty said...

Nice post, a lot wrapped into a blog. Krates is really nice, so glad that I passed it on to you. The cat fabric is cute, wonder what you will do with that one? Yes, you did get some quilty items, very nice. You will have to show your cat figurine, that was a good gift as well. Have any idea on what the mystery will be?????

Kate said...

Congrats on this year's stash report. More out than in is always a great achievement. Krates turned out beautifully.

Denise :) said...

Wow!! Great numbers for you this year -- nicely done!! I love those mermaid sleep sacks...I've seen them around, done differently; crocheted, quilted, stitched, knitted. I know a granddaughter who'd love one! Your Krates is marvelous -- love that look! :)