Sunday Stash Report, December 13, 2015

I've not been able to get back to the final assembly yet.  This week has been a busy one for me.  I have all the paper off the back of the cats.  Should be able to complete it this week for sure.  I've been thinking all along it was my friend Bonnie who found this cute pattern...when all along it was Kerry.  Since I didn't use all the foundation papers I'll be passing them along to Bonnie.  I have to figure out borders or perhaps just finish it as it stands now.  The stash just might have something I can use.
Part 3
Saturday Rebecca helped me with counting.  Nothing but scraps trimmed down have gone into Part 3 of Bonnie Hunter's Mystery.  I sure want to stay within my stash with this project.  So far it is looking pretty good.  All 120 4-patches are sewn.  Today has been trimming the finished units and pressing.

Earlier this week I shared fabric that I picked up at Sunshine Quilt Guild's auction.  It gets added into my stash this week.  Turns out that I have been just as busy with my stash this year as with 2014.  How about you?

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  242.5 yards
Purchased this week:  2 yards
Purchased YTD:  186.5
Net Fabric Used in 2015:  56 yards

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Scooquilt said...

Love those cats! Good Stash numbers. Mine are similar. Have a good week.