2015 At A Glance, December 31, 2015

Projects coming out of my sewing room in 2015 numbered 25 surprisingly the same as last year.  Twelve projects await their turn under the long arm as the year draws to a close.  I do keep my queue active!  It nearly always ends up when I get one quilt finished I'm adding another one (or two) to Kerry’s Quilting. I'm proud to say that I'm Kerry's most active quilter, forever keeping her machine busy!

Koncentric Konnection
November 2014 UFO
Beauty 'n Check by Janice Ellertson and Jodel Yover
Continuing the trend of using the fabric I have, nearly 250 yards of cotton have been sewn into some wonderful quilts.  Kabuki, Katchaklaus, and Kristoff are just a few of the crazy names attached to them. 

My Project So Far (yet to be named)
Lucy Boston's Patchwork of the Crosses
I attended a couple of workshops during the year one of which was making a unit called hexies, a nice technique for times when a sewing machine is not at hand.  The workshop was held at the San Diego Quilt Show.  If there is a Buggy Barn workshop and I haven't had the pleasure to make the project...consider me signed up!  I attended one of them at Paradise Sewing in Poway, CA where “princely frogs” emerged.  And sadly due to lack of sign-ups the second workshop Believe! was cancelled.  Kerry and I made the best of the carved out time at my place where my dining and living rooms were converted into a workshop making "flying Santas".  DH even took our lunch orders and brought us lunch that day.

Prince Charming by Buggy Barn
Believe! by Buggy Barn
I was lucky that my skills were once again displayed at 2015 Road to CaliforniaQuilter’s Conference and ShowcaseKookaburra sure did speak out with its impressive use of 30s theme fabrics and a black print background.  I didn’t try for the 2016 show, but I’ll certainly be considering the 2017 show as fabric runs across my sewing table in the coming year. 

Kristmas Keepsakes
August 2015 UFO
Under the Tree by Snap Sak Small Quilt

I finished my 2015 goals, a quilt finished each month through the year.  You can see my 12 HERE, all of them done!  Once again this year I devoted my stitching to mostly projects from designs collected over the years.  Funny what appealed to us in our earlier quilting years don’t seem to excite as much today.  I found that I enjoy smaller units these days.  Let me comment that setting a goal from start to finish of a Bonnie Hunter design is a challenge within a month; the nine hour work days get in the way believe me! 
Desert Nine-Patch (yet to be named)
2016 UFO
by Karen Montgomery
Next year’s 12, see them HERE, are already identified and I am ready for the challenges they will bring.  Kontentment, Kissin’ Korner, Konstant Konnections, and Kookoo Katchu are just a sampling of the crazy “K” names you’ll be hearing about.  I’m also looking forward to working my batik stash with Desert Nine-Patch and Kayenne.  It is likely I will be adding several fabrics from my favorite local quilt shops in 2016.

San Diego Humane Society
2015 Fur Ball Donation
Nick, Knack Paddywack by Buggy Barn
Charlotte Hall Veterans Home Donation
All-American Eagle, Quilts from the Smithsonian by Mimi Dietrich

The San Diego Humane Society continued with a quilt donation for their annual Fur Ball fundraiser along with other charities looking for help to meet the needs of humanity. 

March 2014 UFO
2015 San Diego Quilt Show Participant
Building Blocks by Sharyn Craig and 60 Pieced Borders by Judy Laquidara 
Quilts were displayed at the San Diego Quilt Show in 2015.  Not nearly the quantity that the audience saw in 2014.  This is a great venue to display and possibly sell if that’s what you are hoping to accomplish.  I have had good response from colleges here on whether I should pursue entry in additional shows with my projects as well as a quilt sale.

Freedom Rings
by Red Crinoline Quilts
Kalvery (Freedom Rings), Kanton Kull, and Konstitution will be sewn in monthly segments with my sewing buddy Kerry during the year.  I’m really looking forward to stitching of these “new to me” designers and the fabrics of the projects.  So there’s more you can expect to hear about for the year ahead.

Kontentment, Part 5
January 2016 UFO
2015 Winter Mystery, Allietare by Bonnie Hunter
Today has me at Part 5 of Bonnie Hunter’s 2015 Winter Mystery Allietare the first instructions where participants start putting the earlier Parts together.  If past years are any indication of her tendencies…I’m guessing the final clues to be released this week.  I can hardly wait to see how these beautiful shades of red, gold, gray, black, and neutral present.

So which “K” name is your favorite in 2015?  My parade of finishes in 2015 for your viewing pleasure…

Konfidential 1/15
Kaskade 2/15
Kurly Kats 3/15
Klue 4/15 (Challenge)
Kooter Klan 5/15 (Sold)
Krazy Koons 2 5/15 (Gift)
Krazy Kookoos 2 5/15 (Gift)
Krazy Koons 5/15
Krazy Kookoos 5/15
Kool Krystals 5/15
Krossings 6/15
Kadabra 7/15
Kringle's Kargo 7/15
Kringle's Kargo 2 7/15 (Gift)
Nick, Knack Paddywack 8/15 (Donation)
Kabuki 8/15
Eagle 8/15 (Donation)
Korners 9/15
Karnarvon 9/15
Kamikaze 9/15
Krossways 10/15
Kidd 10/15
Kristmas Keepsakes 10/15
Koronado 11/15 (Sold)
Krates 12/15

Snowy Day by Bev Getschel
Scrappy Cats by Carolyn Burgess Hughey

I close this year with Kontentment under the needle along with Krystals and Kattastic ready for a ride to Kerry’s Quilting.  I have enjoyed my sewing year and the friends new and forever that this blog has brought to me.  Thanks for helping me dream up "K" names for my projects this year and I sure hope you consider getting me out of a naming dilemma in 2016.  Hoping that I hear from you in the year ahead, Happy New Year!


Nancy J said...

Hi Sandi, Happy New Year, Did you see the parcel arrived? I was so suitably attired in jamas and gumboots out by the front gate to turn on the tap!!! I love it, and see some of Kerry's stunning quilting first hand. My pick of the names, Kattastic, for sure. well done Jennifer?/ Have I got that right withought scrolling back? Herald in 2016 with joy, happiness, new friends and ones that have been with you for some time. Greetings from one of the new ones XXX

Betty said...

Whoa!!!! way too many quilts to pick a favorite, all of them are so special. Only one that does't look like your style, but is still lovely. I am so use to you using K instead of C that when I work my crossword puzzle I attempt to use a K instead of the C lol. When I come to visit you in May, lets go down to the small gift stores and take a couple of quilts to see if they will accept them on consignment. It is truly painful to see your quilts folded and stored, when they should adorn someone's bed or wall hanging. You have quite a few that should be shown for their loveliness. Try looking into this. love you

Janet O. said...

You are so prolific, Sandi! What a year of wonderful quilts.
Kidd is probably my favorite name just because it is my name, but I really liked Kool Krystals--seemed to fit the quilt so well and I love that quilt. Such soothing colors and wonderful scrappiness. : )

Jennifer said...

Congrats on such a productive year! I am sure 2016 will be more of the same and I look forward to reading about all your new projects!