Design Wall Monday and Allietare Mystery Linkup, December 28, 2015

Yesterday I was intrigued to learn how much fabric I have moved around in my sewing room since I started accounting for it.  Judy at Patchwork Times has been keeping me accountable along with a bunch of others linking into her website each Sunday.  I'd heard about this weekly Stash Report from a fellow quilter and immediately felt compelled to join in.  July 2010* was my start.  The statistics collected each week are how many yards of fabric were "used", "purchased" and the "net for the year".  Each year you start at zero.  Our last report for 2015 was yesterday and this is how I ended my year:

Last Purchase of 2015
Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  251.5 yards
Purchased this week:  9.5 yards
Purchased YTD:  196 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2015:  55.5 yards

When I started reading the many linkups posted by others, one of the things several mentioned was how they compared with previous years.  So I had to know this too.  I must have been a crazy quilter in 2013!  If I were to analyze these stats it would appear that I am needing more to finish more...does that mean my stash is dwindling?  

Year        Used          Purchased     Net Fabric Used
2015       251.50       196               55.50
2014       234.25       170               64.25
2013       377.25       142.25           235
2012       290           147.75           142.25
2011       251.25       111.75           139.50
2010*     146.75       17                 129.75
Part 5
Let's get to what will be my first usage of 2016.  Bonnie Hunter's 2015 Winter Mystery Allietare has been keeping me busy since the start on Black Friday.  Lucky for me I have been able to keep up with her weekly releases.  Part 5 started us assembling the previous parts.  I stitched on it much of yesterday.  Like most of us time is getting shorter to learn what this design is going to look like...anxious!

Find time to look at other projects on Judy's Patchwork Times and Bonnie's Quiltville blogs today.  See what quilters are working on around the globe.  Next time for me to post will be December 31, 2015 with my 2015 At A Glance post.  Come join me then for a review of my year.



Betty said...

My oh My, you sure do keep an accurate account of fabric. I agree 2013 was a super busy year, you really outdid your self. I too am anxious to find out with the mystery will turn out to be. Is your UFO list for 2016 as big as this year?

Nancy J said...

Those stats are scary, showing how busy you are with the quilting. Love those blocks, another mystery unfolds.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Lovely units and interesting neutrals. Yes another mystery soon to be solved.

TheEclecticAbuela said...

Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

I also enjoy looking at the totals from year to year...will be doing mine after the year wraps, just in case I use something else in the next three days!

lourixe said...

Such precicion in your fabric accounts! I am in awe you can sew that much!

Lisa said...

That's a lot of fabric. Have you ever estimated the total in your stash?

Feathers in my Nest said...

I admire your fabric record keeping.
Your mystery is looking wonderful.